Article No. 1: Curriculum Planning and Systems Change

Curriculum Planning is a process of making decisions on what are the things that are essential for the learners to learn and essential for teachers to teach. In the implementation of Curriculum Planning teachers play an important role because teachers are capable of developing life-long learners. And these curriculum planning come from the viewpoint of systems theory.

Teachers play an important role in curriculum planning because aside from being capable of developing life-long learners, through also their knowledge and experiences they can give a better learning experience to students. And also, they can develop their own curriculum materials and put these materials into practice with students. In addition, through teachers, curriculum planning will be successful.

Aside from the teachers, their are also other people who are involved in curriculum planning, like the administrators. Administrators are the one who make sure that teachers have the resources in delivering the curriculum effectively. And also, they are the one that think of ways when it comes in improving the curriculum.

Now, will be talking about the purpose of schooling. Schooling helps students to develop their higher level of thinking and help them discover their talents and enhances their skills. Schooling also, educate students about the information that they need to acquire in order to keep up from the changes in society. In addition, schooling doesn't only help students to be academically competent but they also help students to be morally literate. Being morally literate in a sense of having a positive attitude in interacting with other people.

How well does the curriculum prepare students to meet the current and future challenges of the social and political order?
Curriculum prepare students by teaching them not only to be academically competent but also enhances their different skills and abilities in order to be fully equipped in dealing with the challenges that they'll encounter as the society changes.