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I’m Christine! I’m 20 years old and study at Corban University. I’m currently finishing up my Bachelors degree this Fall in Child and Family Psychology and a minor in youth ministry. I will be continuing on further to receive my masters in pediatric psychology/counseling in the Spring at Oregon State University! On top of all my academic endeavors, I also play softball for my university #gowarriors!

I love using social media as a platform to network, connect, and share with so many people. Whether I post about my day, teammates, food, health journey, or anything in between, I’d love to chat and share with you! It’s so cool to be able to meet people that I probably wouldn’t have been able to meet otherwise!

On top of pursuing my new career in psychology/counseling, I am also an influencer in network marketing for a weight loss coffee brand by a company called ItWorks! Not only am I a full time college student and athlete, but I am also involved in clubs, volunteering, and other on campus jobs. With that being said, I’m fortunate to have this opportunity to meet new people from ANYWHERE who are interested in seeking guidance and leadership in their mental health and finding creative new ways to have healthier daily life habit. I find passion in sharing my journey in life with mental illness to help not only people struggling with mental issues but also to bring better understanding to families, friends and the wider community to help stop the deadly STIGMA surrounding mental health.

I look forward to getting to know you better and appreciate you taking the time to read a little about my life. Thanks for stopping by! Swipe for more info about whats next!

✞ My Philosophy

Why Faith Therapy Counseling?

I have developed a philosophy of Faith Therapy Counseling. Faith Therapy is a biblically derived and integrated method for psychological healing and spiritual growth based on the process of salvation by faith. Biblical models, principles and methods are used to identify the root cause of a problem, remove any hindrance to spiritual growth and develop the faith necessary to overcome emotional or mental issues.

Faith Therapy is biblically integrated, because it has been derived directly from the Bible and embraces all aspects and doctrines of the Bible as a whole. It attempts to integrate all the principles of the Bible into a coherent, holistic approach for healing the entire person, including mind, will, emotions and spirit. In dealing with complex problems, it uses a narrative approach because it relies heavily on a biblical world-view and a study of numerous biblical narrative stories, using a types and shadows interpretation of the Bible. These narratives provide the advanced biblical principles and psychological truth that serve as strategies for therapy or healing. Faith Therapy focuses on dealing with the root cause, which is a lack of faith, not just the symptoms of the problem. It also addresses the overall growth of psychological and spiritual wholeness over the life span of the client. It suggests that the overall orchestration of the process of healing is the job of the Holy Spirit and that the counselor is enlisted for a limited time to address specific blockages in the process of salvation.

Faith Therapy is unique in that it is based solely on the process of biblical salvation by faith. After determining the root problem and helping the client to realize that he cannot resolve it without God, the most fundamental step in the healing process is leading the client to accept Christ as his Lord and Savior. Once Christ has been accepted, the Holy Spirit orchestrates the process of salvation or wholeness. The Christian counselor’s job is to help the client remove any roadblocks to this process and assist him to grow in Christian maturity once the roadblocks are removed. In addition to bringing relief to the presenting problem, faith therapy views all problems as symptoms of deeper life issues, which are rooted in a lack of faith in God to meet the client’s most basic needs. Bible principles and models are used for the overall direction of therapy to overcome the original presenting problem, since relying on God’s Word builds faith in God—the ultimate answer. These models focus directly on areas where faith is needed to overcome a particular psychological or spiritual vulnerability. In this process, numerous methods, ministries and counseling modalities are applied: preaching, teaching, intercession, prayer, worship, discipleship, confrontation, deliverance, compassion, insight therapy, faith healing, the gifts of the Spirit, prophetic ministry, Theophostic Prayer Ministry, mentoring, support groups, supportive relationships and many others. Faith Therapy is best applied within a dynamic body of believers in a local Church, where faith is taught and put into practice on a daily basis. Faith Therapy, as it is applied to Bible-based life coaching, is also unique because it was derived directly from the Bible based on a number of stories about discipleship. It, therefore, provides a uniquely Biblical methodology for life coaching.

Below I have provided my 4 favorite books of all time related to my philosophy on Faith Based Therapy. I suggest that all of my new clients take time to read at least 1 of the 4 suggestions to gain better insight on the intentions and style of my counseling process.

Faith Therapy by Dr. Troy Reiner

Faith Therapy provides for the integration of Christian counseling within the framework of the process of salvation by faith and for the direct application of faith to resolve deeply rooted psychological and spiritual problems. This direct application of faith is especially effective in treating fears, anxiety, insecurity and stress. It specifically leads the client to accept Christ as Savior and Lord, and addresses problems that arise out of selfish attempts to meet the core psychological needs of love, security, worth, and significance through the flesh. However, through the application of counseling models and the development of counseling plans based on biblical principles, it is effective in addressing all spiritual and psychological problems.

Transformation! by Dr. Troy Reiner

Understanding Salvation by faith and resolving deeply-rooted problems Models for overcoming life's most complex and difficult problems. This book provides a detailed narrative counseling methodology and in-depth answers for counseling many of the most difficult and complex problems found in the church today through a types and shadows analysis of well-known Bible stories. It provides a new ten-step method for biblical counseling based on the story of the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. It includes in-depth models for overcoming feelings of inferiority, feelings of abandonment, a chaotic life, being a "good girl," dependent rescuing, dysfunctional families, problems with children, injustice, chronic failure, workaholism, irresponsibility, victim mentality, abusive behavior, abuse, chemical and sexual addictions, eating addictions, homosexuality, bitterness, depression, grief, and feeling suicidal.

Revelations That Will Set You Free by Dr. Troy Reiner

An in-depth understanding of the 8 steps of spiritual growth and how to grow to spiritual maturity This book provides a roadmap to spiritual and psychological maturity based on new personal revelations concerning the character of God and an understanding of the eight steps in the process of salvation by faith listed in Second Peter Chapter 1. This material includes a summary of biblical growth models and Old and New Testament revelations of the character of God, a comprehensive explanation of each of the eight steps, and a biblical character model explaining how each is to be achieved. Finally, it suggests a cyclical path in the spiritual growth process that leads to each new revelation and a methodology for counseling others to grow spiritually and psychologically toward maturity. It is also provides an excellent resource for biblical coaching or mentoring.

Principles For Life! by Dr, Troy Reiner

Using biblical principles to resolve psychological problems not directly addressed in the Bible. This book explains 44 of the most important principles in the Bible from a psychological perspective and provides an in-depth method for developing counseling plans using biblical principles based on Proverbs Chapter 3. It includes a discussion of 13 classical methods of biblical change, a new model for understanding the human heart called "The Train of Psychological Wholeness," and techniques for applying biblical principles in counseling. Finally, it develops counseling plans for problems not directly addressed in the Bible including anxiety, panic attacks, obsessions, compulsions, sexual abuse, domestic violence, marital problems, and Borderline Personality Disorder.