My name is Christopher

Let Me Tell You About My WHY

After graduating college in 2016, I began seeking a higher calling in my life. I noticed this relentless voice inside me that became louder and louder telling me that I needed to elevate myself, and SERVE others.

Some time later, it instantly clicked and I was AWAKENED to what God had been calling me to do... SERVE others through serving WATER! (I know... keep reading lol)

Years prior in 2009, My older sister had been suffering severely with an auto-immune disease called Crohn’s. That’s when God answered my family’s prayers by sharing with us this miraculous WATER that ended up saving my sister’s life (literally), and it all started with changing the water she was drinking at the time!

... but that was in 2009!

Fast forward in 2017, I came in contact with a mentor I had been looking up to in the business world and learned he was super successful in his profession all by SERVING people all around the world the same WATER that had helped my sister!

I instantly recalled the amazing testimony my sister had who had been completely transformed by this water and I began to think...

"What if there was a way I could pursue this higher calling of mine all by sharing this special WATER with the entire world?”... 💡

So now I tell most everyone I come in contact with about my story and about this miraculous WATER. I partnered up with a few of the top business leaders that know how to properly SHARE, and SERVE the WATER all around the world to those who need it.

It’s a beautiful thing to be called to something much bigger than yourself! I wish YOU get to experience the same feeling I did when I recognized my calling by truly helping and inspiring other people to live a better life!

If you feel like you are being called in your life right now but still need a platform to do it in... CONNECT WITH ME!

Watch my videos linked below and let’s go change lives together with love!!