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"I love mini getaways, binge watching shows, & getting creative!"

Hi there,

My name is Christy Lee. I am a first generation, a Hmong-American woman, a feminist, a creative, challenge-seeker, born and raised in a very small town in Marysville, California. I studied Business Administration with a focus in Human Resource Management and happily doing my other passion on the side.

I want to share a few of my passion with you about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle on my YouTube Channel and my blog. I hope you'll find something you enjoy or inspire you to find your passions and make it come alive. Browse around and hit the subscribe button for new video updates. (:

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..whether that was drawing, painting, designing, crafting, music, photography, poetry, or making a collage. My whole life, art was one of my favorite thing although I am not very talented at it, I love every moment of it because you can be as creative as you want to be. I remember growing up taking art and photography classes in my High School and College years. Even during my free time, I would craft and make DIYs at home. Art continues to stay with me.


I was never really a big fashion person because I come from a low-income household and I was too shy to be myself because of the my culture norms of being how others “want” you to be. Nonetheless, I remember as a little girl in fifth grade who would always pick her outfits throughout the week and make it match adding jewelries and even dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. Eventually, that stopped because somewhere inside of me knew it probably won’t happen anyway. The life of reality hits me from time to time if you know what I mean. However, I find fashion starting to crawl up on me again and again although I kept pushing it away thinking I should be or do something else that makes money, like a nurse, maybe a lawyer, or a CEO and so… I chose Business as my major since day one of my counselor meeting. It wasn’t a bad choice after all because business is everywhere and you can basically do anything with it like working in a fashion industry or even open your own business. But who knows what my future hold. I’m slowly starting to learn how to sew for fun! I decided to hang on to all my passions because it’s all made up of who I am and what I love so why not just have it all even if it’s just a tiny weeny bit.


Business makes me feel like I’m having my life together. I love the idea of making things possible and making it alive. I think that’s one thing that business really fit in with me is having a purpose behind everything and getting the work done once it’s started. I really enjoy organizing, planning, goals-setting, and challenge-seeking. I never know how to give up and that was my biggest problem in college because I would be so stressed and overwhelmed and I need a break but nope, I kept going and I did. I eventually learned to also take breaks and tune into self-care and self-love to look after my health mentally and physically. I think this is where growth comes into play into my life and live for now and not just the future too. So, I’m living, learning, and growing instead of working, working, and working although I might love keeping me busy. (:


As a second language learner, English is not one of my strongest subject and it still isn’t. Through my college years, I didn’t just learn how to write but to love writing. Writing could be stressful but it also releases my stresses when I’m finally able to express myself or explain something into words. Not only that, I was inspired to voice my opinions and knowing that that every voice and every story matters – whatever that may be. I just want to share some of my writings and along with many things that I love in hope to inspire others to maybe share their stories and find growth, and do things they would love as well. I also want to find inspiration with this and continue to fulfill my desires.


I think about all the things that I always end up being around or finding myself back to again and again. It was mostly organizing, designing, and creating. Then, writing and planning came next. I decided to continue to advance in my passions and do what I love while pursuing a career in the business field. Instead of asking yourself, “What are your passions?”, find all the things you won’t do or don’t like which will lead you closer to the things you might like! Then, asked yourself, “What do you find yourself doing most of the time that challenges you? intrigues you? and motivates you?” and it doesn’t have to be just one thing. Start from there a little by little and find what makes you shine the most.