Christy Zhuang

Christy Zhuang, a sophomore at Ballinger High School, has been actively involved in DECA since her freshman year. She competed in a team decision-making event and qualified for state. Currently, Christy fulfills her DECA roles as SBE Manager, student leader, social media manager, graphic and website designer for Ballinger High School DECA and District 9 DECA. This year she has decided to branch out and participate in a community awareness project with two other DECA members. Christy is known to be a leader throughout her participation in Rotary Interact, FCCLA, Texas Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council, and managing various sports and their social media. Above and beyond, she maintains a positive image and influence amongst her student body at Ballinger High School. Christy is exceptionally organized, motivated, and initiative. After high school, Christy plans on pursuing a business degree from an Ivy League School. Don't get twisty, vote for Christy! To connect with Christy, please visit her Instagram @itschristyzhuang.

Photography by Christy

All Time Favorite Pictures

Emily West sliding into 2nd base trying to get a run at it for her team.

Senior, #24, Daniella Luna pitching for the Lady Cats against Anson Lady Tigers.

Skyla Hostetter looking to defend the bases.

JoeMarcus Guerrero sprinting out of blocks for the 400x2 relay.

Coach Chuck Lipsey and other BHS Staff celebrating a nail bitting 400x4 win ran by JoeMarcus Guerrero & a Jim Ned Athlete.

Danielle Peña happily hands off the baton to Grace Hoelscher during the 400x4 Relay.

Nathan Rivera working hard to take home the gold for Ballinger.

Jenna Battle, #20, battles through two tough Coahoma defenders for a chance to score for the Ballinger Lady Cats.

Addison Martin, #4, looks to score over #15 Coahoma player in the Bi-District Play-Off Game.

Elijah Garza looks to backhand the tennis ball back.

Christy’s Projects

2018-2020 Projects

Beginning with the most recent.

Valentine’s Day Cards For Nursing Home Residents

Project is currently being implemented...

Pura Vida Spirit Bracelets

Project is currently in the planning stage...

Adopt A Resident: Christmas Edition

Christy Zhuang, a 2nd year Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Member, acquired the help of her Ballinger High School FCCLA Chapter Members in order to complete this project, Adopt A Resident: Christmas Edition. FCCLA Officers made gingerbread cookies, selling them for $3. Those $3 went into a fund to adopt angels off the Christmas tree at their local Walmart. They raised $66, or in other words, 22 orders were placed. In addition, they made and signed over 100 cards. These cards, with candy canes, were delivered to the two local nursing homes in the small town of Ballinger, Texas.

Teen Dating Abuse Campaign

In July of 2020, Amber, Christy, and Korey discovered that a previous couple in DECA was the victim of a seriously abusive relationship. They never thought something like that could happen in their town, let alone in their own school. Nobody had any idea what was going on with the couple behind closed doors. Once they found out all the terrible things that went on, they could not stand by and do nothing. They had to make sure that every teenager they know and could reach knew the signs of abusive and unhealthy relationships.

Love is Respect

Giving Thanks In Quarantine

Christy and a few of her social media friends made over 150 cards to deliver to 4 of the local hospitals: Ballinger Memorial Hospital District, North Runnels Hospital, Bronte Health and Rehab Center, and the Concho County Hospital. They made these cards to bring light to the COVID-19 situation and bring hope to the frontline heroes that are risking their lives each and every day. Not only did these cards benefit the workers, but Christy and her friends also put their art and writing skills to the test. Christy said, "I was challenged in ways that made me very frustrated which caused me to lay off the project. However, now that I have finally finished, I can definitely say that I have learned my lesson and will not procrastinate for my future projects." Sponsor: Jennifer Cullen, Teacher.

Alumni Council Members’ Service Projects

Football Highlights

During the 2019 football season, Christy took pictures and videos during the home football games. She would edit the videos and pictures the same night so that they were ready to be showcased to the student body the next morning. Christy received a lot of positive feedback on the highlights she made. Use the link below to view two highlight videos.

Football Higlights

Valentine Cards For Nursing Home Residents

During the month of February, Christy made over 200 Valentine Cards to send to the nursing home. The residents were very surprised and pleased to receive something that brightened their day.

School Board Appreciation Video

Christy, with the help of a few of her classmates, put together a Thank You Next parody video to show their appreciation to the school board. Along with the video, the digital media sent thank you cards.

School Board Appreciation Video

Kiki Writing Challenge

The Kiki Writing Challenge is inspired by one of Drake's top hits, "In My feelings." The picture above is the poster showcased right outside the library where most school traffic occurred. The students were given an educational essay prompt and expected to complete it by a deadline. Christy made certificates to award the top three writers. The top three writers were Aerith Quiroga, Miriam Oden, and Bryce Lopez.

Bullying Awareness Campaign

In October 2019, Christy and her digital media class noticed the bullying issue occurring in their school. They decided to recognize this problem and educate the student body on this issue. October, which is national bullying prevention month, was the perfect time to do so. Christy oversaw the project while her classmates worked on the PowerPoint, made posters, and conducted surveys. The presentation took place on October 18, 2020, during advisory. Christy and her classmates received a lot of positive feedback after the presentation. They measured the amount of success of their project by the audiences' response and the surveys conducted.

Stomp Out Bullying