My fp life!!

this is about my fan page, tips on how to run a fp and how to deal with hate!

how I run my fp!

this is about why I started my fp and how I have come this far!!

hi, I’m rose!! On the 15th of august I created this account, I didn’t know I would come so far!! I started by not having a theme, mostly because everyone else had not got a theme either!! So when I found out you could use Vont, colourtone and prequel I made up my own themes! As time passed I used other peoples themes (handwashchars, parisunkin and chzrssenpais) I was a charli fan page for 5 months but I wanted to switch it up! So I tried being a sunkin, I really enjoy it so far and I bet if you try you will too! the only reason I switched fandoms is because char is not very active atm so I didn’t really have any videos of her to use! And I saw loads of other people being a sunkin so I tried it out and now I reallly like it! :)
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top tips on how to run a fp!

my top tips!

tip #1

never like your own videos! Liking your own videos gets you shadow banned, which means people won’t see your videos! Only if they go to your page, so try not too!

Tip #2

use hashtags! if you use hashtags like #fyp or #(your user) you will probably get more views on your videos!! :)

tip #3

Try to have a theme! Having a theme you Will stick with if a very good idea!! If you want an easy theme just try out some themes you think will be easy! (Try and go to outfittersmelio or parisunkin and they have good themes )