Facts about my Fanpage and me😊

Hi there heather💓!! I'm chrlraexv

Hi heathers!! You can see here some of my information about myself and about my fanpage❤️❤️

Things about my fanpages and myself:

• I'm Alleigh Kaitlyn
• I'm 12
• I'm a Leo
• I'm a question fanpage
• I change my theme alot
• I post 1-3 vids in a week
• I love aesthetics
• I love all colors ⚡
• I'm a sunkin
• I have so many idols
• I'm not very active
• I have 2 more fanpage accounts
• I have 5 ibfs
• I'm using Android
• I'm shy type😅
• I love my followers
• I'm following everyone back
• I called every woman Heathers🖤
• I'm straight
• I support BLM, MLM, LGBTQ+ , and many more
• I just started 11-21-20
• I have an insta and snapchat
• My favorite subject is Math

My Socials:
Insta: Alleigh Aesthetic
Snap: Alleigh Aesthetic
Tiktok: @chrlraexv

I love you all 😘

Fandoms that you can join: (if you're only finding)

•Fandoms that you can join• (don't think this makes sense🤣

❣️Sunraes • Addison Rae
💛Dunkins • Charli D'Amelio
🤍Sunkins • Charli and Addison
☁️Bebes • Avani Gregg
❤️Dixiesticks • Dixie D'Amelio
🎁Zonuts • Zoe Laverne
💜Sparkles • Riley Cahill
💕Bubs • Kouvr Annon
🌨️Huddygang • Chase Hudson
🤍Angels • Loren Gray
🧡Cow • Cody Orlove
💚Girlies • Larray
🤎Sharkies • Madi Monroe
🖤Sisters • James Charles
🌸Teddies • Nick Austin
🌼Multi • All Fandoms

Fonts that I'm using

These are the fonts to use for editing/adding text.

How to download the fonts:
1.You can search in google/safari "Dafont.com".
2. Just search the fonts and click the download button on the middle right.

Apps to import the fonts:
• Phonto
• Vont
• Inshot