about me yay ✿·˚

Just a few random facts about me ig ( next page has what your looking for )

Hi and if you made it here congrats, here’s just some things about me! Oh and YES the photo is my face
My name is Ashley (but you can call me aj)
I’m 5 foot rn
I’m 10!
I love marvel
I use 🤠 way to much
I have 4 pets
I’m an only child😌✋🏻
And I love singing!
The next page is my coloring and fonts and bios and stuff so you can skip over this! Bye luvs.
also I love you 3000

colouring ✿·˚.

here’s how to make my “ rush lush” colouring!

Apps needed : Colourtone
Go to HSL and turn the saturation
on red +100.00 (all the way up)
Hue as -7.89 and lightness at
-9.78. Then click the orange
and turn the saturation to
-55.21, -7.89, and lightness
at -9.78. For the rest of the
colors turn the saturation -100.00
(All the way down), then save.

Import to Colourtone again
and click “Vignette” and
do +0.20, then click
“Sharpen” and do +0.35,
then save.

Import one more
time and choose “Filters”
then choose the collection
“Jasmine Hand” and
choose the filter
“Marble” save and done!

(Sorry this is long 😔✋) PLS GIVE CC TO ME THIS IS MY COLOURING !!!!

my fonts ✿·˚

The fonts I use in my videos!

The fonts I use:
Sant Joan (Not on dafont)
Kawaii Stitch

How to get the Sant Joan font, go on google (or whatever you use to search up stuff) then search “Sant Joan font download” and click the first link and download it!

How to get the circle I have on my watermark, first type whatever you want and where you see all the options to do to your font swipe right, then it will say curve, turn it all the way to the right and it will look like a circle, then go to style, background and then click on a color, then choose curve and turn it up to 100%. Then to make it transparent choose alpha and put it down to 51% and then your done!

Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe im the tc? Pls give me credits if you use my theme ty!

fanpage tips ✿·˚

here are some fanpage tips !!

Just some tips for fanpages!
1. Don’t like your own videos, you’ll get shadowbanned
2. Don’t do follow for follow, this way you’ll have no actives.
3. Don’t bully people for who they support, it might just get you cancelled.
4. Use hashtags like, #fyp, #xyzbca, #fanpage etc!
5. Don’t do it for clout, if you just do it for clout people are gonna find out and you probably won’t be happy
6. Don’t listen to hate, as a fanpage you’ll probably get a lot of hate.
And 7. Post what you wanna post and maybe every once and a while follow a trend!

one year ✿·˚

tysm for one year of support!

AHHHH on 5/17/21 (May 17th) marks one year of being on tiktok! To me that’s actually insane! Tysm, I don’t think without your guys amazing support I would be here still this is just awesome ily all so much!