Questions, Colouring I’m using, Abt me and more!

Welcome to my milkshake page this will tell you about me, question ideas, the colouring I’m using and more! 💞

Colouring Tut! <3

cc- @sophcolourings -

B612 - Beauty- Butterflies 🦋

Instagram- Pixie Dust ( save ) 🌷
Instagram- Ethereal ( save again )

Prequel- Adjust
Exposure: +33
Contrast: -18
Sharpen: +25
Highlights: +44
Shadows: +100
Dust: +37

Clarity: +10
Sharpen: -10
Noise: -10

Facts About Me! ( Chrqsskittle ) -

•I’m a Sunkin 💗
•I have 3 step-sisters 1 step-brother and 1 brother! 🏡
•I am British 🇬🇧
•No comfortable saying my age! 🐠
•Genderfluid please use my pronouns!
•She/He!They/Them/It/It’s 😁

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Question Ideas! ( Give Ib to me pls ) —

• How many Likes does this video have right now?
•One has to go Insta or Snap?
•If st3@ling was legal for 24hrs what would you st3@l?
•Does anyone with 50k+ follow you?
•Put your 2nd letter of your name here! ( your name example: l_ly )
•Are you on team Blue or Red? ( Red +50% Blue-50% based on battery 🔋)
•Have you got more followers than following?
•Do you think all water tastes the same?
•Who’s your fav Spider-Man? 🕸🕷
•Have you ever made your own colouring? 🎨
•Does your name have more than 4 letters in it?
•How many likes does the video above me have?
•Type ‘<3’ but replace the ‘3’ with your like! ❤️
•Pinning the closest B-day to mine! ( pin the closest b-day ) 📌
•What’s your favourite day of the week?
•What’s your fav colour of the rainbow? 🌈
•Would you wear your 4th emoji as an earring?
•Your like is how old I am how old am I? 👶
•If we switched b-days would mine still be in October?
•Copy-Link if ( your username ) is cool 😎
•Who has the best phone in your family? 📱
•What’s better Fanta or Tango?
•Is it Mum or Mom or other for you?
•Are you closer to 1k,10k or 100k?
•What’s your fav pink heart? 💗
•Quick! Choose a Netflix show before it’s taken!
•Can you repost this video?
•Can we balance the likes and comments?
•Is your name pretty in alphabetical order?
•What comes up if you ‘@‘ your fav colour?
•Have you ever seen me on your fyp?
•I’m stuck in 10:39 what about you? ( based on time )
•Is it easy for your videos to blow up?
•Do you pin your most famous videos? 📌
•You lost 30% of your battery, is your device still alive?