welcome to my website!<3 lets get started on how I made the colouring and what I use for the texts!c:

First of all, the apps you will need for the aesthetic colouring is Alight Motion, Prequel, and Colourtone

Open Alight Motion press the add project, make sure the project you added is 9:16. Press the layer and press duplicate layer and then press the layer u just added and press blending and opacity, and then press subtract make it to 60% and add effects, find the gaussian blur turn it into 200% and then add the box thingy make it to the whole video make the color into white and then make it to full screen and then press blending and opacity press contrast and then press overlay and the press duplicate layer it will become super bright so just make it to 70% and then save it. Now lets open the app Prequel add the video u just saved from Alight Motion press effects and then dust press the setting thingy and the make the dust 0% and then the filter to 0% and press dispersion make it to 13% and then press filters press teal make it to 100% and then press export. Open the app called Colourtone add the video and then add the filter coggee and open prequel again add the effect weather make it to 0% and then thats it!<3

And for the texts, you will use the app called vont. Where to download fonts? just go to dafont.com! the fonts I use is cheeky rabbit and letters for learners for the watermark! thats it tysm for reading all of this and don't forget to follow me on tiktok @chrvnti! but if u already did TYSM!!!!🥺🥺

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