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about me

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my name is claudia but everyone calls me clau. I love harry potter sm! Also i am obsessed w 1D lmao. Ive been supporting char since she around 10 million followers but i didnt create this fp until october 2020, I am so sarcastic 😩👏🏻 and i enjoy editing sm. Im a bit shy when u get to know me but then im really chill😍 idk rlly. I am so proud of what i became with this fanpage! 7k is lots of followers tysm!

thank you

𖠰˚ ༘ thank you sm for 6k

guys thank you so much for 6k followers! I remember when i had 100 in 2 days, i was so happy and excited and now i can see how far i reached since those months. Tysm for everything, this acc is one of the things i really care about, i love editing and sharing those videos with you guys.
Im here to stan addi, char and ellie, to support them until i quit, i hope one day i am able to reach my follower goal which is 10k +. I am really greatful with everything tysm. This wouldnt be possiblw withough you all