Heres website for editors

So heres chvnai aka Maty, and i decided to make a website for editors since many people ask me about my shakes, colorings etc.

Editing apps

First of all the best editing apps/program

Ok so, the best editing apps are: after effects (its program for computer), video star (only for iphone), alight motion, node video, funimate. If you dont understand the app or program dont use capcut or presets, youtube is full of tutorials for every of this apps so dont worry everybody started somewhere I didnt understand alight motion from the start too!

After effects

My favourite effects

My fav effects (mostly for thumbnails)
-cc light rays
-bcc cross melt
-turbulent displace
-cc page turn
- bevel edges
-cc smear
-mbl (ofc)


Using presets of shakes and some transitions is ok until you will make a whole edi of presets

Ok so many people use presets of shakes and its totally ok (i use them too) if you give credits. The best shakes i found are made by galoreffects and selena timothee, but theres also a lot of other amazing shakes on youtube just search for shakes and theres thousands of videos of mega links. Also if youre looking for mbl theres also a lot of popular mbl on yt, my favs are demqn,selena timothee, richlorenn and galoreffects. Kim


As many of you know i used to edit on alight motion for a while and i can say that its amazing app for even begginers

I wont tell my fav effects bc i dont remember the names and after new update some of them could change a bit. So actually i can tell that its the best editing app for phones, its like phone version of after effects and you can do amazing things in it.


I think it’s also amazing app, you can do such an amazing edits wih it

Ok, so video star is second best app for phones. The minus of it is that its only for iphones. When i first saw the app it seemed hard but actually i leanred it in like 2 hours and its pretty easy as soon as you get used to it. The most stupid thing is that multi layers are paid it literally make no sense without mulit layer its hard to make pretty edit.