Sudokucharls hacks!

Learn how to be aesthetic, gain views, and use my fav tips and tricks!

Fonts and colorings

All aesthetic fonts mostly come from! Question fonts: Hug me tight, kg red hands, rainyhearts. Watermark fonts: mango salsa, heart warming, pumpkin cheesecake. Decor fonts: garlic salt, refresh bonus, cute icons, paris. Some coloring apps are ultralight, Colourtone, Prequel, 24fps. Coogee and Avalon on Colourtone are the best filters. Use edge blur and aberration on prequel, use codes for 24fps and +10 clarity and -10 sharpen on ultralight! Never make your coloring too bright, and make sure that you put shadow on your text. You should also match the colors of your text to your coloring!

Being aesthetic isn’t easy, but with practice, a good theme and coloring, you’ll be off to a great start. I’ve been in the fp business for 10 months and know a thing or 2. So I’m here to help you as best I can!

How to grow your account

Hashtags and aesthetic sounds are helpful to grow your account. Example: A video on your fyp from an aesthetic fan page has 4000 likes! Save the sound! It’s probably popular! You should also use hashtags like #fyp, #xyzbca, and #viral. You might also want to create a hashtag of your username!

These are not all the things that help you. Simply being nice online, or doing f4f help too. When you change themes, restart! And make sure people know about it so you don’t lose actives! That’s all!

Want to be more aesthetic?

Having aesthetic symbols everywhere can help! Adding aesthetic fonts, messages and symbols in your bio makes your page look more neat! Stick to one aesthetic theme! Try to put these symbols in your videos if you can. Just search aesthetic symbols on TikTok and look in the comments of the videos! Your captions are another thing. If you have a nice and neat caption, it will draw more people into your account!

I hope you have fun with these tips! Thanks for looking through my page to get some help!