About Me!

Do what makes you happy!

Hi I’m Mikayla! I have a charli damelio fanpage called chvrsdmlo! I want to share some stuff about me. So lets get started!
I am 11 and was born on July 14 2009, I am from New Zealand and I love to go shopping, hang out with family and friends. I love my school and I have lot’s of friends. I have no siblings but I
have 3 cats and 1 dog. My favourite subjects in school: English. Math. Cooking. Science. Writing.

Some funny facts about me!
I almost tripped on stage and once I was waiting in the car when I was 3 and I ate my mums liploss. Like the whole thing.
My biggest fear is heights (not funny)
I almost got kidnapped twice in one day (Again not funny) I almost fell off a kaiak with my dads phone.

Thats me! If you want any more information just ask on my Q&A on TikTok

Free for all! (give creds)

Questions (Ask Your Followers)

• dont you hate it when you get cancelled for no reason?
• dont you hate it when people dont laugh at your jokes?
• dont you hate it when your video gets taken down for no reason?
• who is your least favourite TikToker?
• who is your idol?
• who would you rather date?
(Insert 2 Photos)
• what if your dream amount of followers?
• what year were you born in?
• what would you do if your idol died?
• what is your zodiac sign?
• what made your idol go viral?
• what is money called in your country?
• what is one thing that gives you the chills?
• what is your thoughts on Nessa getting banned?
• do you copylink if someone asks you to?
• do you remember these? (Insert 1 photo)
• do you still support addison rae?
• do you still support zoe laverne?
• do you remember my name?
• do you follow me?
• do you ever wonder if you’d ever get famous?
• do you remember how long youve had tiktok for?
• do you still drink hot chocolate?
• July 14 is 195th day of the year? Whens yours?
• Hippos and Rhinos are fighting who is going to win?
• We have all pretended to make YouTube videos, right?
• when did you last go to the zoo?
• when was your last moment with your bestie?
• have you gone skiing before?
• have you ever thought about quitting?
• have you leaked your password before?
• have you ever shoplifted?
• have you accidentally logged out of an account before?
• have/did you ever make a Milkshake website?
• have you ever done an unfollowing spree?
• have you ever done a shopping spree?
• have you ever lied to your parents?
• have you lied to your friends parents before?
• have you ever stood up for your opposite gender?
• have you gotten an ‘ily’ today?
• has the opposite gender ever stood up for you?
• has your enemy ever been kind?
• has your bff betrayed you before?
• has your old bestfriend blocked you?
• has your mum/dad ever forgotten about you at the store?
• has your dog ever gotten off the lead? (If you have one)
• did you ever wonder who taught the first teacher?
• did you ever have a fake phone as a child?
• did you know who the first fanpage was?
• did/have you ever make a Milkshake website?

Your welcome! 💕💫

Tips For Fanpages!

Love you!

• Be nice and stay active
• Post 1-4 times a day
• Ignore hate
• Don’t change your theme to much
• Be yourself
• Use hashtags like: #fyp #xyzcba #viral
• Make your own hashtag! e.g #chvrsdmlo
• Remember you’re not to famous to reply to people
• Don’t use boring questions!
⚠️What gets you shadowbanned⚠️
• Liking your own videos
• People spamming you (Block them)
• Colourtone
• Prequel
• Ultralight
• 24fps
• Capcut/AE/Videostar/Funimate/InShot
• Vont
• Phonto