chvrsscales tips —

here are some tips for your fan page

i have had many fan pages in the past including zoe, addi, many charli and avani! i love all of them and more so i am an expert! i will be keeping up with all of this and i will make a separate account of tiktok for any of your questions about editing or making aesthetic videos!

how to grow your fanpage

this is what i like to call tips with lai

growing your fanpage is one of the most important things to having one! first of all you have to be active, you have to post everyday or more. if you follow people that are not active unfollow them because them it will get you shadow banned!!! be active on your idols post!! follow people that your idol follows! FANPAGES SUPPORT FANPAGES OMG THIS IS A BIG ONE! PLEASE DO NOT GATEKEEP! if you do not know what gatekeeping is it’s basically not sharing or keeping to yourself! make friends and have fun but be safe!

how to do my coloring!

coloring creds-chrvs.wrld on tt!

first you are going to use the qr code provided on the next slide! the. you are going to go into prequel and go to effects and use dust! make the dust 100+ and the filter 20+. after that go onto filters and use mojave #1 and make the filter 40+! now go into adjust and make exposure 30+. make contrast 50-. make highlights 95- and finally blur 25! after that add your text in what ever app you use then go back into prequel and add iris blur on intro!

coloring qr code!

here is the qr code!