Who am I?

Your Favorite Business Strategist

I am so glad you are here. Chances are you seen one of my posts and wanted to learn more. Well as you know my name is Chyna Sky and I'm a Business Marketing Strategist 👩🏽‍💻 I was born and raised in Michigan where I also earned my Bachelors of Business Administration with concentrations in; Marketing, Sales, General Business and Communications which has granted me many opportunities to improve and exercise my skills.

In 2020,
I founded my own advertising & consulting business called Sx Figures. Our mission is to enable young trailblazers to become economic drivers by doing what they love. Encouraging young people to follow their dreams and determine their own definition of success. I have experience with individuals such as artist pursuing their dreams, working with small businesses on goal setting and increasing sales , and working on million dollar projects for several Fortune 50 companies.

Aside from business I would also consider myself to be a creative. I love all types of mediums of self expression from photography and graphic design to poetry and spoken word.

With my business expertise and creative mindset, I plan hope to inspire and also entertain my viewers but most importantly encourage to take action in their lives and do what they love.