My colouring !!

So down below, there should be a QR code. I want you to screenshot that code and crop it so it’s just the code. Then I want you to go to an app called 24FPS (on the App Store) and press import. Then I want you to select your video. Then after you do that where the import button was, there should be 3 circles. I would like you to click that and then on the top right I think, there should be a + . I want you to click the + and then press “ Import polarr qr filter image “ and then, I want you to press the QR code I got you to screenshot earlier. The code should be Moimoi. After that you save your video. Now head to PREQUEL and select your video you just spent all that work on. Now copy this:

Exposure 50
Highlights -50
Shadows -100
Haze 25
Glow 25
Blur (between 50 and 75!)

And now I want you to click filters and find Mojave #1 . After you find it click it ,it should bring you to where it asks what filter you want it. I want you to make it 50. Now click effects and press Dust #1 . Now I want you to click THAT and make it Dust 100, and Filter 25 and everything else 0. Now import your video and go to Colourtone and select your video. Now I want you to scroll until you find a filter called AVALON . That’s pretty much it but remember to give creds or I’ll get my followers to come at you!! Have a nice rest of your day bungalows!!

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