About Ciara

A women who wanted a change!

Hello! I’m Ciara but most people call me “cece!”
I’m a stay at home Mom, a loving Wife, a daughter of God, a big sister, a joyful singer, an avid reader, an aspiring writer, an amateur photographer, and so much more! To say the least I’m a very passionate and artistic person!

I grew up performing and traveling, as I am a daughter and granddaughter of now retired circus performers. Yes you read that right. Haha! I settled in Plant city Florida with my parents around 6 years old and have lived in Florida ever since! My parents went on to have more children, giving me three baby sisters! So, it was a house full of estrogen! We grew up in a mix cultured house surrounded by cow pastures. (yeehaw!) My father being Latino decent (Cuban and Nicaraguan) and my mother being an all American women (European origins). My parents both worked hard to take care of my sisters and I, and always encouraged us to go after our dreams. Performing was naturally apart of who I was and that really blossomed, when I realized God had blessed me with a love for music and desire to use my voice.
I continued through all of my schooling performing and falling in love with all the ARTS including beauty, hair, makeup, health, wellness and all that entails. I enjoyed singing in church choir and acting in plays, dancing for school games, and reading all the romance books I could get me hands on.

I got into college on a scholarship because I come from a humble home and we could not afford to pay for college out of pocket! I learned right then and there, that if I really wanted to go I needed to put in the work, and this same thought has continued to push me to this day.
Shortly after, I met my husband and we eventually fell in love and became engaged, I can honestly say I’ve been privileged and blessed to marry my best friend.
Fast forward a little, I became unexpectedly but happily pregnant with our first child. Though it was not easy I went through college pregnant 3 times total. With the support of my husband and God, I was able to finish my degree at the University of South Florida, Hallelujah! I proudly walked across that stage to receive my degree in Communication, with all of my third trimester belly on full display. Since then I have slowed down and have been a stay at home Mom, wanting to give my children my full attention.

PRESENT 2020-2021:
Now we are at the present. After being home for a while with my kids, I began having the desire to do more to actively help my husband bring in income, also wanting to have something of my own outside of being a mother and wife, something positive and uplifting. But, I also didn’t want anything that would keep me too much from my children. I began to pray and ask God to open doors for me. I felt hopeless at some point because being a mom in and of itself is a full time job, and as a mom you often put yourself last and neglect the simplest self cares like your hair. I began to experience the feeling of being lost, like a lot of women do after becoming a mother not knowing how to be anything else. During the pandemic year, I experienced a lot of stress which flared up my psoriasis on my scalp. I had to constantly use T gel and it would only help my issue for 2-3 days before flaring back up again.

I began to see women I knew using these hair products by a company called Monat and I was intrigued. After watching others use the products for more than a year and seeing their results I decided I finally wanted to try the products and had hopes it would help my scalp as well. Need less to say, I fell in love with the products and my scalp is so grateful for it!

I was then presented with a business opportunity that literally felt like it landed in my lap from God! I decided to take a leap of faith and say YES! I joined Monat May 1st 2021! I had no clue just how amazing that YES would truly be! My life and my hair has already begun to transform! And I’m only getting started! I have been blessed to work with an amazing and supportive team! And can’t wait to achieve our goals! Monat has supplied me with the tools I need to build a business as one of their market partners! And the best part is I am in complete control of myself in this business! I answer to me, and put in the work I want to when I want to, and all from the comfort of my home with my family. Not to mention, how amazing the products truly are!
I’m thrilled for all that there is in store for me! GOD IS GOOD! So thankful I chose to take a leap of faith! And excited that I’m growing, changing and I’m not Afraid to step out of my comfort zone to do that! And neither should you!