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My name is Cierra Reid and I’m the face behind this account. On this page you can find some useful links and learn a little bit about me!

I live in Phoenix Arizona with my pups, plants and boyfriend. We are entering a new chapter of life as a fam in the homeowner department & we’re loving it. If you love home content…’ll want to stick around for a bit. We love traveling to Disneyland or new places for some R&R time. I am a professional when it comes to binge watching TV shows, my favorite show is Sex and The City. When I’m not watching TV, traveling, or hanging out with my puppies + boyfriend, I’m probably trying something new in the self-care department. My newest go-to addition is meditating!

I wear a few hats in my professional life….
✨I’m a realtor helping individuals buy and sell in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.
✨I’m also a transaction coordinator. Aka, I help other realtors keep their transactions organized & ensure they get to the finish line.
✨More recently I’m also taking on the role of mentoring agents to help them become a TC…. Stay tuned on more details about this!

Real estate has opened up so much opportunity to me, my mini family and so many others. I have a passion for meeting new people and helping others. This is the main reason why I got into the industry. So wether you need help with the buying or selling process or getting your business organized, I’m your gal! (See more on my consultation & TC page)

I’m so thrilled to be your newest go-to girlfriend and realtor. On my social media platforms, you can expect to see helpful real estate content, TC content, daily life content, home content, my adorable puppies or if you're just curious about my day to day life. You can also sign up for my monthly newsletter for some exclusive content!




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I offer a complimentary home buying/selling consultations to not only review an exclusive guide hyper focused on the local market but to help you plan for the following:
-Down payment
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All things TC ✨

My transaction coordinating journey began in the summer of 2021. Since then, my side hustle has grown into a business & I’m now serving 20+ clients. The best part is that I’m making 3x more than I was when I was a corporate employee. 👏🏽

I am excited to extend my services beyond just helping individuals buy, sell and invest into real estate. If you have questions, want help, etc….book a 1:1 call with me.

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