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I am a creator at heart and love to make pretty things, but my experience is extremely diverse. My first go round in college left me with an Interior Design degree in Atlanta. What FUN that was!! I didn't think it through though because when I returned to my small hometown in Southern West Virginia, there wasn't much demand for designers. I went to work in the business world doing bookkeeping and office work.
Many years ( and 3 children) later I returned to college to pursue a degree in Forensic Science. I completed my undergrads with concentrations in Criminal Justice, Forensics and Psychology (lots of things interested me, so why choose)!
I worked as a psychometrician and later as a counselor at a maximum security prison. I had become a certified Fire/Arson Investigator and also started working on my graduate degree when tragedy struck my family and my life shifted. My oldest son was killed in an auto accident at age 18 and my priorities shifted. Within a year, my marriage of 21 years ended and I found myself a single mom to my 16 and 12 year old children.
I worked as a Director of Information Analysis for a local University and discovered my love of statistics (I know, I know…🤓). I eventually completed my Graduate degree in Forensic Psychology with Certificates in Research and Statistics.
It has been my dream to start a nonprofit to assist incarcerated individuals build a sustainable and satisfying life outside prison walls. I am currently working on a plan to make this happen.
Meanwhile, I have never left my creative drive and started my small business CiMo Designs. At CiMo, I do garment decoration/embellishments like embroidery, HTV transfers and "Bling" transfers. My favorite thing, though is designing and creating accessories such as bags, totes, wallets, purses and travel bags.
I partnered with Pomifera Skin Care in April, 2020 because of the incredible results and phenomenal leadership. The science behind the skincare products is like nothing I've ever seen!
What’s next? Other than working towards the nonprofit, I am working on writing a blog, creating patterns to sell in my Etsy shop and keeping my customers happy! I take a lot of free business classes at the local community college in Mooresville, NC to help with future plans and always stay busy. Stay tuned…big things are coming!