Hi! I am your feminine energy coach elevating femininity as a source of power

My journey from full-throttle masculinity to my feminine power

▫️ I am a two-time first-gen immigrant
▫️ An engineer turned yoga instructor
▫️ Founder of a fem-tech, wearable start-up for stress management

▫️ I traveled the world chasing the shiny things in the startup world for 3 years

▫️ Ultimately I drove myself to the ground on my hyper-vigilant patterns and running full-throttle to hustle and push through

▫️I knew there's got to be another way to live & be successful than what our hyper-masculine society has defined to be the roadmap and milestones

▫️ After a decade of inner work, piecing together my breakthroughs and transformation with my feminine energy, a true source of power neglected in our hyper-masculine culture

▫️ I became a coach for women to share this undervalued gift of femininity, to create a life of the fullest expression of joy, balance and fulfillment at the highest level

▫️ I created @the.feministcoach to share resources, tips, and a different type of success stories in our community. Something I wish I had on my journey. Hope it lights your journey and shows you a different path.

Feminine energy is so desperately needed right now more than ever in our hyper masculine culture. It’s a ripple effect + cultural shift. I am so glad you are here!

You are powerful beyond measure.