About Cindy

I've been taking Nutrilite for 10 years, I'm always satisfied and trust Nutrilite because it's 100% natural. I have used other brands but I had severe side effects and after that I never used another brand again. But, you know what? All the side effects that I got from vitamin X brand are gone, cured by Nutrilite. The process is not fast, it too almost 2 years because of hormones, but it's all worth it.

From there, I began to gain more knowledge about Nutrition, and I realize Nutrilite is really reliable. I have passed the International Nutrition and Beauty Training Course from Malaysia. And my beloved customers, I want to give only the best products for you! And there's a fact that you need to know: I will always put your satisfaction first, so you don't need to worry! ♡

My Top Picks

Bio C

Penyelamat Imun Tubuhku! Kalau udah mencium tanda-tanda mau pilek, auto telen ini dan bye ga jadi sakit deh 😝

Collagen Drink

Dari wangi dan kualitas aja udah beda dari yang lain! Jerawat dan bekas jerawat membaik banget! Cinta poll! ♡ Insomnia pun membaik!

FAV Acne Mask

Masker Clay Favoritku! Baru habis dalam 1 tahun dong: 4.000 doang/ skali masker. Ditotolin di jerawat nanah/ jerawat besar semalaman, besok kering, dan ga ninggalin bekas jerawat! Muka juga less oily yey! ♡

Snapskin Double Cleansing

Cleansing Water + Cleansernya enak poll! Cleansing water bersihin muka bener-bener sampai debu kecil itu juga keangkat! Bersih bet dah! Cleansernya juga ada microbeads bersihin muka + polusi juga!

G&H Deodorant Fav

Pakainya yang Spray dong lebih praktis! Anti bau badan 48 jam 😝 Ga bikin keringat berlebihan juga! BYE BAU KETEK!

Glister Toothpaste

1 tahun baru habis loh 😋 Ga bikin gigi ngilu sama sekali!

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So, all you need to do is your intention to succeed. Let's go! Build your future from now! ✨

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