How we got here

Last summer, we were scrolling Zillow and came across an old colonial home from 1822. It was in Old Salem (think a mini Williamsburg) - about two hours west of where we were living in the suburbs of Raleigh.

This home was the opposite of our current life. We’d be trading our neighborhood pool for a nearby coffee shop. An old 1800s water well would replace our treehouse in the backyard. Instead of neighborhood kids and a swim team, there would be visiting class field trips and rich history in the surrounding buildings.

We’d be giving up a lot, plus leaving the city we met and started a life together.

But since I was a little kid, I dreamed of living in a historic home where I could walk up the street to get a snack (ah, 8 year old priorities). This was a chance to be in a downtown city AND live in a historic home.

It also brought us closer to our dream of living on a commune. Not the scary Waco kind - think more village living to share life’s moments. We both travel a lot for work, including long international trips, so having family and friends close by is key.

We were sold. Old Salem it is! And here’s our new journey.

Combining historic + new, starting projects & trying to keep plants alive