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Krizia is a person driven with passion, not only in her personal life, but as an entrepreneur. She's a wife and a mom of two. She definitely had her fair share of struggles in her childhood, adolescence and even as an adult. It's what we do with what's handed to us that matters.

That being said, she made sure not to have any excuses. She's on her journey, shes writing her story and she didn't let anyone or anything stand in her way. Krizia likes to cook and bake, even though it may not taste very good. She loves the outdoors, hiking a mountain, a simple walk in the park & the beach. She loves to spend time with her family & travel to new places. There are times where she felt like an octopus multitasking all day and all she wants is a big Margarita & I'm sure someone can relate to that.

Thank you for taking a moment to read about her & thank you for YOU. See my next page for further information about joining my business.

The opportunity starts with you

What can I do for you, you ask?

Krizia wants to help those who are looking for a career change or just generate a second stream of income as an entrepreneur. She will teach you how to run your own business & teach you how to help others do the same. The only way to change your life is just to open up the door when opportunity knocks.

In this day and age, having a job working from home that you're able to make money, have a wonderful community, and have an opportunity to be with your family all the same time is a blessing. If you've been trying to save for a big vacation, or maybe a house, this can certainly help! If this is something you are looking for send me an email at or send me a DM on Instagram @citygirltocountryliving and please click the link below so I can have more information about you & what your looking for.

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