Hey! I’m Carlee!

I am an Agricultural Teacher and FFA Advisor! I’m in east central Indiana and have been a horse girl my whole life. I’ve run barrels for most of my life and with my teaching salary was struggling to enjoy them. I fell in love with this company after trying Hair Skin and Nails and then saw an opportunity to loose some weight for our upcoming wedding and earn an extra income. I was able to loose the weight for our wedding and can now ride my horses better without the extra pounds.

What started out as a fund for my horses extras has turned into a fund for that and more. I now have the funds to spend extra on them, keep up with regular maintenance and pay CASH for emergencies and start a fund to add another horse to my barn. My horse is older and I’ve needed to start shopping for a long time, but never knew how to even start saving for it. Now it’s an option to have the extra.

My hobby may not be the same as yours, however If there’s any part of you that’s wanting the extras in your own, fill out my influencer application and I’ll be in touch with you to help you gain your own extra!