About Caroline

Health Coach + Space Holder

Caroline is a Certified Health Coach, creatrix behind The Space Curacao, earth lover and warrior for overall health + wellness at large.

Her mission to reconnect people with their body’s innate healing capacities. She supports + encourages clients to adopt healthy habits and implement lifestyle changes that empower them to take responsibility and care for their own health an wellbeing.

Caroline offers individual health coaching at her Whole Health + Wellness center The Space. When she is not coaching she spends her time holding space and facilitating other health modalities at The Space, creating a wellness ecosystem to support clients in Curacao.

Swipe right for a list of Caroline’s favorite Health and Wellness resources like Documentaries, Reading Recommendations, and Helpfull Apps to help you navigate the wellness world.

Netflix + Learn

Documentaries, Docu Series, Video’s and more

Sometimes we need visuals to propel us into action.

Watch: Reconnect

A beautiful documentary about the value of Traditional Plant Medicine in our disconnected Modern World. Featuring some of my favorites in the field of neurobiology Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Gabor Mate.

Watch: The Goop Lab

This amazing mini-series is currently on the top of my watchlist. Introducing you to topics such as breathwork, energywork, bodywork, and even therapeutic psychedelics.

Watch : Heal

Our bodies are incredible and when given the opportunity it has the capacity to heal and do miraculous things.

Watch: On Yoga The Architecture of Peace

Yoga is so much more than holding perfect + seemingly impossible poses. It is a wonderful tool to connect to something much greater within. This stunning documentary gives you a glimpse into the vast world that is Yoga.

Watch: What the Health

This mindblowing documentary highlights exactly why you want to be eating a whole food diet + why you want to be staying away from processed foods.

Watch : Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

This is THE documentary that got me juicing full time. This man’s story is a testament that Food really is Medicine.

Watch: Cowspiracy - The Sustainability Secret

Learn how the world’s favorite types of protein are decimating the planet’s natural resources - and why this major crisis has been largely ignored by major environmental groups.

Watch: The Bleeding Edge

You might want to think twice before undergoing an invasive procedure.

Favorite Reads

Books, Articles, Quotes and more

I’ve bundled some my favorite inspirational + motivational authors, documentaries, people and programs that support + encourage you to live your best life!

Read : The Healing Self

Our bodies are amazing and prefectly designed to heal and regenerate. But don’t just take my word for it. Check out the data for yourself.
This book reveals the gift that is your magnificent body and gives you effective habits to help put all of that know-how to good use immediately.

Read : Super Genes

This is a Must Read for anyone dealing with hereditary diseases. A real eye-opener that shows that WE have the power to switch our genes on.
What we eat, drink, think, and believe has the power to either nourish us or destroy us.

Read : The Big Leap

As you move toward greater success, love, abundance, and creativity in your life you will most likely run into the “Upper Limit”. The upper limit is our universal human tendency to sabotage ourselves when we have exceeded the glass ceiling we have placed on ourselves.
This must read helps you understand why you’ve limited yourself in the first place and how to liberate yourself so you can thrive in your genius.

Read : Women Code

Your menstrual cycle is a gift! Yes a freaking GIFT! Learn how to flow with your hormones, love your moon time, and how to banish PMS.

Read : How to change your mind

Medicinal plants have been around for ages and have played an important role in connecting the phsyical + spiritual realm. These natural and potent plant healers have slowly been regaining interest from the scientific community and a greater audience.

Read : The Mastery of Love

Wether you are in a romantic relationship or just looking to deepen the relationship with your self. This book is simple, straight foward teaching that demystifies the complicated misconceptions about love.

Read : Energy Medicine

Everything is Energy.

Healthy Helpers

Apps, Gadgets, Programs, and Platforms to help you navigate healthy + mindful living

Don’t you just LOVE living in the internet era? Where EVERYTHING is at our fingerfips. Living well has never been so easy. With the click of a button you can transform any space into a meditation, fitness, or yoga shala. You can monitor pretty much everything but your metabolism. You can even check for toxic and harmful ingredients while you’re out shopping. What’s not to love?

App : Think Dirty

The skin is our largest organ!
Scan your favorite beauty, skincare, and household products to sniff out potential toxins and harmful ingredients.

App: My Flo

An app that not only helps you track your menstrual cycle... But it also informs your partner!!
- When your body / cycle enters a new phase
- What to expect from you in this phase
- How to best support you
- The best time of day to have sex

App: Pocket full of Gratitude

A daily reminder to be grateful for the little things, the big things and everything else in between.

App: Sattva

Free Guided Meditation app with Mantras that unlocks more meditations as you go

App : Guided Meditation

Monthly subscription based meditation app by Deepak Chopra. This particular app allows you to change the theme, background music, and duration of the guided meditation, making it slightly more personal.

App : Pranayama Breath

Sometimes it helps to be reminded when to breathe in and out instead of focussin on the count AND the breath.

Platform / App: Yogaglo

With more than 50 Yoga + Meditation teachers this platform has given me the most well rounded Yoga experience on the web so far. Available on desktop, and as an app it really has allowed me flow wherever I go.

Platform : Mindvalley

Personal + Spiritual development teachings from some of the leading names in the business in a super structured package.

Clean Products

Clean Foods, Non-Toxic Beauty, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

What we put on our skin, how we feed our body, and what we use to keep our environments clean matters. Toxins in everyday food, beauty, and cleaning products is a serious problem. Causing all kinds of disruptions in our endocrin + hormonal system. Luckily we have the choice to buy cleaner + safer products for our home, family and evironment.

Facial Toner

Dr. Hauscka is my go-to before applying facial oil. It gives the face a nice cooling sensation and helps balance the moisture / oil levels.

Facial oil

I ditched creams 4 years ago when I moved to the hot, dry + humid Caribbean. It didn’t feel right on my skin. Ever since I have been using facial oils, trying a range of different clean brands and types. This Rosehip Omega Faceoil by Boscia is one of my latest favs.

Evening Facial Serum

I like to have different oil scents for day and night. It helps my body transition from active to rest state. This fragrant Watermelon + Hibiscus serum is my current favorite in my evening clean beauty routine.


Hands down the best mascara I have ever owned.
It’s a 2-step process with lash primer that works miracles on my lashes without any of the harmfull ingredients!

Crème Cheek Blush

These Honest babies blend in super smoothly after applying my facial oil in the morning. Creating a natural looking, dewy flush in stead of powdery finish. Can’t wait to try the Plum Berry color.

Curly Hair Styling

I swear by the Curl Conditioning Oil-in-Cream + Hold Me Softly Balm. These two give my curly coils all the bounce, moisture and shine (without grease) any girl has ever wanted. Sorry, not sorry.

Cleaning Products

There isn’t a product in the Honest line that I haven’t fallen in love with. The household cleaning products are some of the frutiest and frangrant rich natural cleaning products I have tried - without any of the artificial stuff.