Ways to work with me ::: Coaching

Available for 1:1 coaching

From Aug 2023 - 5 spaces available for 1:1 coaching. Bespoke format, built around:

• Fortnightly deep dive sessions
• WhatsApp support for the inbetweeny bits
• VIP days to embed individual learning

To explore your uniquely personal relationship with the universe in an extraordinary way, go to the Modus Operandi page.

If you’re curious about how working with me through Modus Operandi or in a more traditional coaching way can help you, drop me a message (hit the WhatsApp button) and we’ll explore what’s possible 🔥

Ways to work with me ::: Modus Operandi

An extraordinary connection with the universe

Modus Operandi will enable you to cultivate a deeply personal relationship with the universe [source] [deity] which

✨is entertaining
⚡️is poetically beautiful
💫 gives powerful insights via a unique meditation style
⭐️ cultivates your awareness of how safe, secure, and supported you are to explore your full potential

Combined with reading lists, music recommendations and group support, MO is a coaching program like no other.

"Do it! If you want to create your own future this is the space to do it. If you feel there's more for you but you're not sure how to get there - do this. If you want to feel so lucky and be surprised at how easy miracles can happen - do it."

"This is an incredibly worthwhile investment in yourself, especially for people wanting both more magic and more control. It's also great fun and led by the inspiring and encouraging Claire!"

"If you're stuck in a rut, not daring to dream of the ways in which things could improve this course is for you. If you want a meaningful connection with a group of amazing people, this course is for you. If you know your negative patterns are holding you back, it's for you."

If you’re curious as to what Modus Operandi can bring to you and your life, tap the WhatsApp button and let’s chat 💛