by Claire Whatley

Ways to work with me:

mod:ūs operandi

"mod:ūs operandi was a grounding, transformational return to my true self." - Bonny

3 months, a portfolio of tools to build into and around your life to heal forwards - create the life experience you want, in exactly the way you want it whilst your deep healing happens organically as you move through living your beautiful life.

A powerful group container like no other.

Unconditional love and acceptance for all that you are.

We've had people complete their therapy journey within a couple of weeks of the start date, businesses being sold to the perfect buyer, houses being sold in a non-moving market, ideal jobs, new relationships, new business ventures which are now established and, WAY more importantly, people creating a deeply nourishing, energising and intimate relationship with themselves and Source in a way more beautiful than they could never have imagined.

"Do it! If you want to create your own future this is the space to do it. If you feel there is more for you but you are not sure how to get there – do this. If you want to feel so lucky and be surprised at how easy miracles can happen – do it." - Katie May

mod:ūs operandi will enable you to cultivate a deeply personal relationship with the universe which

✨is entertaining
⚡️is poetically beautiful
💫 gives powerful insights via a unique meditation style
⭐️ cultivates your awareness of how safe, secure, and supported you are to explore your full potential

Combined with reading lists, music recommendations and group support, MO is a coaching program like no other.

"This is an incredibly worthwhile investment in yourself, especially for people wanting both more magic and more control. It's also great fun and led by the inspiring and encouraging Claire!" - Kathryn

"If you're stuck in a rut, not daring to dream of the ways in which things could improve this course is for you. If you want a meaningful connection with a group of amazing people, this course is for you. If you know your negative patterns are holding you back, it's for you." BC

If you’re curious as to what mod:ūs operandi can bring to you and your life, tap the WhatsApp button and let’s chat 💛

Ways to work with me:

mod:ūs vivendi

Lasting and permanent change happens through experience and embodiment: immerse yourself in a container of transformation, fun and magic.

Further details coming soon 🦉

Ways to work with me:

mod:ūs meditation

A community meditation session delivered online using PrimeLight - the signature meditation style of mod:ūs.

Following studying in LA and Austin, and practising/teaching since 2019, Claire is one of only a handful of practitioners certified to teach this particular type of meditation, renowned for its instant system calming and creationary power.

You now have the opportunity to join a community of intentional creators, and get a taste of mod:ūs life.

We gather every other Tuesday at 7.30pm (GMT/BST) and I would love to welcome you to your first session.