“How can I...”


Hey there! I’m so excited you wanted to learn more about Monat! Below are all the ways you can shop, save, and even earn in this company! Feel free to reaching out with any questions you have!


Treat yourself to some anti-aging, non-toxic, vegan haircare and skincare at full price + shipping with 0 commitment.

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Get the VIP treatment from the worlds number one luxury haircare brand. What does this mean?
• BIG savings [ like 15-40% savings ]
• Me as your 24/7 haircare consultant
• Free shipping
• Free products only for VIPs
• Access to all flash sales
• $$ to spend during your birthday month
• Refer a friend credits for both of you
• Option to upgrade to MP

You get all of this + delivery to your door on your schedule ~ that’s right no autoship ~ all for a one time fee of $20

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Become my business partner & start making money from your phone! No contract, no requirements, no inventory. Just getting paid for making product referrals and giving others the same opportunity!

As a dedicated MP you can earn:

• 30% off all products
• Finically freedom
• Time freedom
• Paid 5x a month
• A kickass group of likeminded women
• Leadership + marketing experience
• Personal growth + development
• All expenses paid trips
• A company paid for Cadillac

& that is just the beginning!

You also get 30 days risk free to try anything out even just products! You have nothing to lose & everything to gain

Hey I’m Clare!

“Behind every successful woman is a group of like minded uplifting women cheering her on”

Thanks for wanting to learn more about me!

I’m 21 and living in Maryland. I have a degree in graphic design with a minor in marketing and art history! I love inspiring other people, helping other people, beauty, fashion, and above all creating- in any way shape or form! Here you will find art, food, friends, funny memes, words of encouragement, and natural / vegan recommendations on food and beauty!

I believe life wasn’t meant to have a strict set of rules or a set path for everyone to follow & I believe it’s up to us to define our own success stories. I want to help other people feel confident in their own skin while also helping them find time and financial freedom.

My “why”

Tell the world what you’re made of

“Why?” Feels like a very loaded question for me- I rarely know why I do anything that I do. But somehow this why came a little easier to me- my why is simple, it’s ME.

It first came down to this- I wanted to improve myself, I wanted to improve my habits, my mindset, my accountability, my productivity, my finances, my attitude toward life. All of those things are improving beyond what I could have hoped in all areas of my life and I know it’ll only get better- but what I didn’t expect and didn’t realize was all the other amazing things this decision has brought me.

This company has brought me amazing friends some from other countries and some old friends that I have reunited with in the best ways. They are encouraging, likeminded, supportive, smart, helpful and BADASS woman that I am so grateful for. Their energy and enthusiasm makes me want to be a more positive person, all the good morning messages, self reflection and appreciation posts and podcast recommendations are contagious. And I’m LIVING FOR IT.

I used to make fun of this. I used to say how stupid it was, I used to be hateful and doubtful and everything negative under the sun and the absolute last person who would ever think to do something like this - but I am SO happy that I did - I thought it would be so cheesy and fake and half assed, but it defied every single one of my doubts. The women are a group like no other, the energy and support is unmatched and the results from the products speak for themselves.

This opportunity has given me a financial cushion, friends, support, good habits that will last a lifetime, self discipline, and not to mention great hair!!! There are no sales quotas, no inventory of products to sell, no requirements to reach out or promote a certain way- it’s all up to you - total freedom.

That’s what life is, it’s up to you. I’ve made it up to me to try to share all of these amazing things I’ve gained with anyone who’s willing to put in the work to see the same improvement in themselves as I’ve seen in myself - this is self improvement with a compensation plan hunnies - so what are you waiting for???