About Me

Hi, what's up, I am Clara and I am an urban dancer from Germany!

I started working online beginning of 2020 after i came across this opportunity while travelling.

I'm not a professional dancer, but am super passionate about it and always working on improving my skills! 😁🙌

After Covid I will follow my dream to travel around the globe to take dance classes in all the big studios yay!


I'm supporting everyone who's willing to become an online entrepreneur and I am mentoring people when they don't know where to start and have nothing to sell yet.

I'm hoping to inspire more people to create true time, location and financial freedom for doing things they love, to develop themselves and to step into their true version of themselves.

Because I believe it's absolutely possible for everyone! ✌️

Swipe right, if you want to know how I started working online!

My Story

Before I went travelling, i was working fulltime as a physiotherapist.

In my free time i started teaching dancing to kids and teens. I loved it, but the longer i was teaching, the more my passion grew.
And i wanted to focus more on developping myself and my training.

I wanted to make dancing the center of my life, but i felt trapped in my life, had already committments to an apartement and a job.
I saved a little bit of money, but i was always waiting for the right moment to change something.

Always pushing the decision behind i started self sabotaging my life in all areas.
A final mental breakdown made me quit my job summer 2019 and i started travelling trough Asia.

After 2 months of strolling through Asia, i came across an online training portal and i started to build my online business. ✌️

What I gained:

I'm partnering now with a high ticket product, that i'm aligning with 100% and that offers incredible high commissions,

I learned how to run ads, how to build a website, how to show up online and and and ...

I even learned how I can support my mom by advertising her services online with my new skills. 😁👏👏

I was actually never really a fan of spending too much time on social media, but now I learned how to laverage SM to my advantage instead of being a comsumer.

And most important i made a huge shift of my mindset through the right tools I was equipped with!

That's how I gained my personal true freedom and what made me able to step into the version of myself that I always wanted to be and always was, but has been limited by own subconscious beliefs.

And I have clear goals fo my future.


The Freedom Era

The freedom Era is not only a platform where you learn how to build a business, it's a huge community of concious people.

Our vision is to support 1 million people by 2025 to create a high profit, high impact and automated business online using our platform.

The 7 Pillars to build a successful online business:

1) High Ticket Offer:
If you dont have any products or services to offer, we can help you find one you align with. High ticket means High comission! So you get more money for promoting a product or service than for a low ticket product.

2) Skillset:
You learn all the skills you need to know to be successfull. That includes how to grow both organic and paid traffic, running ads, building a website and more!

3) Automation:
This is one of the best parts. You dont even need to be present when you are making a sale. If you have set up your ads and an automated sales funnel that leads costumers through a sales process, you can make sales over night!

4) Authentic personal brand:
The face of business has changed forever. It is no longer people buying from corporations. It is the normal, AUTHENTIC everyday person like YOU and me. And we will teach you how to do it best.

5) Inner Work:
This one is m favourite. 80% of success comes down to your inner world which includes your mindset and beliefs. We belief in manifestation and that our results are a direct reflection of your beliefs, patterns, behaviours and actions.
And when you correct your mind, the rest will automatically fall into place.

6) Mentorship & Proximity:
The Freedom Era brings in 7-8 figure consultants and experts from every field including marketing, mindset, systems and more.

7) Community:
Everyone starts from zero and we are all in this together. If you join the platform through me, you will join my smaller team as well! :)
So dont worry, youll never be alone through the process and i will always hold your hand and i'd love to watch you grow!

As soon as you are a member of the platform you can also become an affiliate for the freedom Era if you want & receive comissions for each referral. ✌️

If you want to learn more about it, watch the webinar below:

The Freedom Era Webinar

How do I join?

Do you align with everything so far?

If the answer is yes, great!

Then just reach out to me via Instagram or Messenger and I'll send you a link where you can sign up!

I could post the link here as well, but this way I can get to know you already and check you out. 😁✌️

In the next 24h after you signed up, I will add you to our private Facebook group and you can start your training in the Freedom Era.

If you are not sure yet, if this is for you, no problem. The first 2 weeks are completely free! You won't be charged before the 10th day and there is a 14 day money-back guarantee included.

And you'll get several reminders before the trial runs out, if it's not for you. ;)

Haa, I'm looking forward to connect with you! 😁🙌

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My Why

First i just was running out of money while travelling.

I noticed how i missed dancing when i took some dance classes in Tokyo and South Korea.

I was actually planning on doing farm work in New Zealand, but i didnt want to waste any more time without doing my training.

And now i have the opportunity to focus more on dancing to follow my passion around the globe to take dance classes.
I'm planning to live and work in Seoul soon, where i wouldnt have found a job without speaking korean!
I can go wherever i want and feel called to go, i am free. 😁🙌

Later i realized, money is not always bad. If it is in the right hands, we can change the world.

And i can start small with paying my brother his dream trip to Japan or buying my mom an apartement for retirement.

But if think about it, if the right people control the movement of money on our planet, we can really have an an impact!

I was abusing myself for years and was suffering from my own thoughts for a long time. I was addicted to negative thinking and i know that there are many people in the world that are suffering from the same 'sickness' being aware of it or not.

And i want to help everyone who is ready and willing to break through this cycle and this is the right place to do so.

And i know it is possible for EVERYONE!

Dream Bigger, Live Louder

DBLL is our smaller team of young entrepreneurs, supporting each other to fulfill our dreams.

We are all coming from different parts of the world.

Stay at home moms, Travellers, Health fanatics, creatives and artists, singers and dancers, spirituals, revolutionary thinkers, just ordinary people like you and me.

It is founded by Aubrey Lynn and Charlotte Kingston, two breakaways living on an island in Indonesia. 👏👏👏

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