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This little corner is going to be where I share random but loveable things going on in my life, recipes, links for favourite items, personal updates, things I’m working on other than skincare and MORE.🌼

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This first page is always going to highlight an aspect so for my SECOND highlight - I am highlighting my WORTH IT OR NOT tik tok series! 🥳😆

I started a series going over trendy skin care products that I’ve purchased and tried and letting you know my personal opinion if they were WORTH IT or NOT!

Part one is posted on my Instagram feed as well as tik tok and part 2 is already live on tik tok and will be coming soon on my Instagram feed 📸

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Walking and my Mental Health 🍃

Reasons why I find walking therapeutic

Sharing some photos I have snapped while taking my walks as well as some reasons why it’s become a form of therapy for me.🌿

It helps me control my racing thoughts 💭

Being on walks alone has helped me quiet my internal dialogue that seems to enhance my anxieties by having constant racing thoughts - the first couple walks were tough to keep a clear mind but slowly I’m making walking an act of meditation for myself.

It gets my body up and moving 👟

I tend to be someone who can get glued to the couch if I sit for too long - and getting up and just walking away from my house entirely has made me have more will to get physical exercise.

I focus on manifesting 🔮

I like to focus on my goals and imagine the levels I want to reach in different areas of my life.

Beautiful lighting and lots of GREEN ☀️

I love walking when golden hour hits - between 5-7pm - it gives me joy seeing the way the light hits the plants and trees.

I explore and find rare, cool things 🦋

I have been finding a new rock or wooden painted decal on each walk I take, it’s like my own mini scavenger hunt.

I come across majestic nature paths 🌲

I found that I love being alone in the woods - it gives me a sense of euphoria and solidarity and the air feels so fresh and cool being breathed in especially after being hot while walking in the sun.

I get to see lots of bugs and some animals 🐌

I saw a HUGE praying mantis on a walk too - pretty coooooool.

Recipes I cooked, LOVED & need to share✨

Healthy (for the most part) and YUMMY😋

I am not on a particular diet - however I do enjoy vegan/vegetarian meals so there will be recipes with and without meat / dairy etc.!

Pecan Goat Cheese Salad with Gourmet Balsamic Honey Dressing

-cucumber slices
-honey roasted pecans
-goat cheese
-dried cranberry (optional)
-strawberries (optional)

-Apple coder vinegar (1 tsp)
-Balsamic vinaigrette (5 tbsp)
-Honey (1 tbsp)

Garlic Tomatoe Mozza Boconcini on Rye w/ Balsamic Drizzle

-rye bread (sauté with garlic to crisp)
-fresh chopped garlic sautéed
-greens of choice
-chopped tomatoes
-Mozarella Fresca

Drizzle: (mix cheese and tomatoes in this before topping rye - drizzle any extra on top when done)
-olive oil
-balsamic vinaigrette

Quote to Remember🌟

Sharing anything that made a real impact on my motivation or emotions in a positive way!

Good Quick Thoughts💭

My Bubs

Meet Heinrich - the rescued labradorxhusky

This cutie was found roaming out in a nearby town and brought to the humane society, we went one day searching for a dog to rescue and immediately knew this lil nut was meant for our family. He is (allegedly) about 3 years old or so but I believe he’s probably closer to 4 years old.

He love tug of war, chasing bees and other insects, and belly rubs. 🥰