About Clarity Coaching

Are you living a true story?

At Clarity Coaching, we are committed to drawing upon reiki, meditation and coaching techniques to identify & dismantle unconscious limiting beliefs, supporting a deeper connection with your inner voice, and walking with you as you move forward in truth and strength!


Beginning in early childhood and subsequently throughout life, we humans tell ourselves stories about what happens in our lives. For example, "My parents got divorced; they must not love me enough to stay together; if my parents don't love me, I must be unlovable..." This is one version of the stories that that we tell ourselves based on our very limited perspective of the situation at the time! It becomes stored in the subconscious, becoming a hidden influencer of our perceptions and resulting behavior throughout life. Our choice of relationships is heavily influenced by a belief such as this, causing us to choose relationships with people who confirm the false perception, "I'm unlovable". Needless to say, these relationships become toxic! Even after we forgive and understand more fully over time why our parents divorced, the unconscious beliefs developed around the event still need to be addressed and rewritten in alignment with the truth of who we are, if our choices in life are to reflect our more full understanding.

Are you ready to break through your fictional existence & into the story of your dreams?

About Heather Beecher

Certified in Reiki and Transformational Life Coaching, Heather Beecher is passionate about creating inner peace, and watching life bloom as a result. Having experienced the transformational nature of Reiki, Meditation and Coaching, she is excited about sharing it with as many people as she can in her lifetime.

In her free time, Heather enjoys spending quality time with her family, kayaking, horsemanship, hiking, camping, & bicycling, to name a few.

Her goals for the future include starting a small animal sanctuary which provides shelter to members of the homeless population, offering therapeutic animal-human healing sessions to the humans and animals who need it most.

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What People are Saying

"I started working with Heather during a season in my life when stress levels were quite high and it was taking a big toll on my health. At the time I began meeting with her, I was somewhat familiar with meditation and had practiced it off and on for several years. However, I had never had the opportunity to experience 1 on 1, guided mediation, uniquely and intuitively led by a coach. This has been an incredibly powerful experience for me. Heather's calming presence and her finely tuned intuition make her a great coach. Her support helped me to not only “get through” this stressful period, but helped me to go through it with much greater peace of mind and health in my body than I had previously known. The flare ups from my auto immune condition have become much less frequent and severe. I have been able to take the tools she has shared with me and incorporate them into my day to day life. I now have more energy and am much better at calming my heart and mind during times of stress. It is my joy to enthusiastically recommend Heather Beecher to anyone seeking to grow and lead a more peaceful, centered and healthy life."
- Cindy B. from Rico, CO