Lisette Class-Nieves

A strong woman who helps support and empower women to be their very best!

Hey loves!

Thanks for checking out my page and seeing what I’m all about!

At twenty 23 years old, I said yes to a life changing opportunity that would not only help better myself but, help better the lives of others who were searching for the same dream I desired.

What was it I desired?

A life of freedom. A life more fulfilling than working a job that limits my time and flexibility. Im hungry to learn new things and skills and be a part of a movement that is rapidly growing. I wanted a chance to show people the real me and what I am capable of.

Thanks to a team of girls who not only believed in me , but encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and take a leap of faith. I am now working with them as a social media influencer in network marketing for a luxury hair & skin care company.


I finally have the opportunity to change my life around with the biggest support team I could ask for. There is no space for failure and excuses, only growth. I now can inspire and motivate others to do the same and live life on their terms!

Become part of the movement! || Swipe left for links to my influencer application or for a free hair/skin consultation!


Be that girl who supports, encourages, compliments and cheers on fellow females both in business and your personal life. And do it all with an inspiring amount of love and grace ~