My journey so far...

I’m Claudia! I’m a graphic designer based mostly in Tenterfield NSW - or wherever I may be with my laptop! I love designing and illustrating. Having a creative outlet is super important to me and being able to do this while bringing client’s visions to life is a huge win, win.

I studied at Billy Blue College of Design in Brisbane while working in industry in a studio in Toowoomba. I decided I wanted to pair my creative brain with something slightly more intellectual to challenge myself further. My interest in eyes and glasses led me to dive back in to the world of university and study to become an optometrist.

So I’m part way though my optom studies and incredibly lucky to be freelancing at the same time!

Illustration —

Some of the styles I draw in

Fine line hatching

Love a detailed yet simple look. This is by far my favourite style of drawing!

Minimal line

Super simplistic line art where I don’t join all the shapes and play with the negative space - gives a playful yet classy feel


Commissions available for your own photos! This was drawn from a photo of two of my beautiful friends. Great gift idea!

Without line

I also draw without using line and focus solely on shading with colour and creating depth.

Messy sketch

Then of course I let loose and just sketch without worrying too much amount control.

Cartoon style

Drawing in cartoon is always a fun challenge. This one was a client logo that I had so much fun with!