Hi! I’m Ashley! I’m a Memphis native, small business owner!
I work with polymer clay and other materials to create handmade, detailed earrings!
This is not my full time job, but something I enjoy more than most! It’s a special hobby for me!
When I’m not working with clay, I am being a wife to my hubby Troy and taking care of our two kids Elijah and Elizabeth! You’ll see them a good bit on my media platforms!
Please enjoy, I hope you do as much as I enjoy making them!

The first of summer earrings!

Deco Links

Shellsea Stud Pack

Lovely Palms

The Plaid Penny

The Sandy Earring

Palm Vibes Stud Pack

The Stevie Earring

The Lilly Earring

The Audrey Earring

The Cecilia Earring

The Sia Earring

These are from the WilfFlower Collection drop, they are still available for order. They are not being restocked, but can be ordered as a custom. These are to show you what I have done and what is available for ordering still 🤍

The Priscilla Earring

These have real dried flowers rolled into the polymer clay.

The Alice Earring

The Hazel Earring

WildFlower Stud Pack

Strawberry Shortcake

The Victoria Earring

The Kary Earring

The Mary Jane Earring

Cheetah Collection

These are available now! You can find them on the Etsy page, or my Facebook page or you can email me to order 🙃

Cheetah Stud Pack

Pink Cheetah #1

Gold Cheetah #1

Gold Cheetah #2

Tan Cheetah #1

Tan Cheetah #2

Pink Cheetah #2

Gold Cheetah #3

Black Cheetah

Black Cheetah 2

Pink Cheetah Chevron

Tear Drop Pink Cheetah

Deep Sea Collection

These are marbled, with translucent polymer clay, gold flakes, and different blue polymer clays to create the marbled look. If you hold them up to the sun, or light you should be able to see through them.

Deep Sea Stud Pack

Deep Sea 1

Deep Sea 2

Deep Sea 3

Deep Sea 4

Spring Releases

This was the first Spring Release for 2021 💞 All of these are still able to made as a custom order! There are still a few on the Etsy page available also!

The Mooney Earring

Spring Stud Pack

The Jane Earring

The Penelope Earring

The Jade Earring

The Emma Earring

The Lillian Earring

The Kelly Earring

The Veronica Earring

Flower Links

First Earrings of 2021

These were part of the 2021 release! Can be ordered as a custom order 🤍

The Joanie Earring

The Winnie Earring

The Chandler Earring (Beige)

The Ada Earring

The “Ada” Earring (Black)

The Chandler Earring (Black)

The Dakota Earring

Stud Pack

Fall 2020 Releases

Autumn Stud Pack

Copper Hearts

Bluestone Drops

Goldie Drops

  1. Marbled Rectangles

    Marbled Rectangles

  2. Strawberry Daisy Dangles

    Strawberry Daisy Dangles

  3. Smiley Stud Pack

    Smiley Stud Pack

  4. Fuzzy Blue Daisy Dangles

    Fuzzy Blue Daisy Dangles