Poet//Fiction writer

Chidinma Clifford born in a Christian home currently studying mechanical engineering in Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri.

She loves writing and she believes without great writers the world won't be a better place.

She is a lover of poem and she has written a lot of them.

When not writing, she loves watching movies, reading books.


The best writers fight to master themselves

The best writers are the one that read the best books

The best writers are the ones that write every single day

The best writers aren't afraid of showing their emotions


So much of the four letters
Covered and spreading in all universe
Distinguish in every diverse angle
Established even before the foundation

Descending of your mighty,
HE crave for the lost souls
Every authentic spreading
Wonderful event occuring in diverse ways

So much of the four letters
You gave freely, even more
Even when overflowing, it still was never enough
All to all freely gave
In every aspect never holding back

Ascending of your glory,
Giving room to all
Making all know who they are in you
Open every doors which act as an obstacle
Of a stronghold you gave

So much of the four letters
Mindful of us all
Word LOVE which no one could give
Pick me to be his own
The four letters stronger than any degree.

My Aladdin lamp

Oh!! be my Aladdin lamp I pray thee
Ruby's, gold, silver was always on mind
My territory, filled with a love of fame
The word wretched is a big No for me

On desert land I walked till I find you
Shining sparkle emit bringing glory
Laying in a throne of your own instinct
Perfect spec of beauty you hold unto

A gift embraces to the one who seek
To give everyone it's own desire's

Gentle smoothly touch I gave, you appear
As I hold unto your handle of bliss,
Why will I let this fortune slip away?
Till eternity, possession I have


Come let me take you to my gifted world,
World full of harmony and a lot of peace.
A world where mind's and soul's pour out every thought,
And brings every dreams into reality.

Come and let me show you the way,
Path of entities and a freedom to uphold,
A place where all heart agreed together as one
And fulfill every of your thoughts

Come and let me show you how the ink is drop,
Amazing stains enlarged and cover all emptiness

My story

My phone beep immediately I step into the house. It's was David message.
"Hi dear please can you come over, am bored. Thank you"
I gave a wide smile; went to the kitchen to drop the stuff I got from the market, then went to my room to change my outfit into my favorite blue top and a dark blue jean looking at myself over and over at the large mirror in my room, when satisfied pick my black hand bag then am off
"Hold on! Hold on! Pick 2! Last card! Check up!"
David muttered some words when I won him in the Watt game he gave a frown watching me jumping with excitement, has I put my palms together, and gave him a tongue out
"Hey! stop it. Just because I let you win, doesn't make you a winner" David Said
"Really? in those five rounds we played, you didn't score any. So what do you call that?" I said to him, folding my hands waiting for an answer.
He only stared at me, and before you know it we ended up laughing out together
"I love you so much, but I have to start leaving" I said glancing at my wrist watch after the laughter has been subdue.
"So early" he said not wanting me to go .
"I have to David I got a lot to do today. We will see later okay"
"Okay" he said giving a nod " let me see you off"

David walk me a few distance away from my house, sometimes he walk me to my house that's because our house's are not far from each other.
" Okay I have to stop here, so you catch along" he said
I only nodded
" Come here" he said spreading his both arms persuading me to come
I couldn't resist it, I went into his arms
" I love you too" he whispered into my ear.
I couldn't help it but smile when I got home. I threw myself on the couch recalling his words "I love you too". I sat down there for a long time, wondering if he meant those words, trying to figure out if he love me for real or love me has a friend. My mind flash back to when we first met.

I met David in my friend's church, when I followed her to drama rehearsal's. I would be the only one at home, she couldn't leave me all by self. So she insisted I must follow her. On getting there, the entrance was lock, so we all present have to wait for the person in charge of locking the church who is also their drama coordinator to open it.
A young lady dress in a long plain black skirt touching the floor, (one could not see what she wore on foot) with ash top and a white head-tie tied in such a way that covered her ears burst out angrily
"Na wa ooo is he going to keep us waiting like this" she said
I was beginning to get irritated by her words. She just came not quite long not minding some of us who have be waiting for almost an hour. I gave her a harsh look, glanced at her outfit "gosh! who dressses like this?" l murmured, certainly no one heard me.
"Sister Sandra please calm down I just spoke to him he is on his way" A young brother said.
In less than five minutes, David appear. Oh! God I felt some butterfly playing in my stomach. I was attracted to him
" I am sorry guys I got some appointments to attend to please forgive me" he said putting his both palm together " so let's proceed".
I love his countenance, the way he spoke. I couldn' take my eyes off him even when we all entered the church. I said to my self he is the one.
Each of the drama members got a rubber chair and all seated on circle. I look for a place to sit, making sure my eyes were never far from him. The open prayer were said by him and they all began the business for the day. After they were done, he instructed them on their next gathering, they should bring out good story lines since he was not satisfied with what they presented.After that, he dismissed them all. Before I know it, he walked up to me .
" Hello my name is David" He said stretching forth his right hand to me"
"Goodness" I said taking his hand
" I haven't seen you before" he said withdrawing his hand
"I came with a friend"
"Oh, nice I hope to see you on service this Sunday" he said with a smile
"Hmmm..." Couldn't find out the right word
"Please come okay. And take care" he said tapping my shoulder.

Ever since then, I couldn't get him off my head. I kept on wondering how it feel like to date him. I pray for Sunday to come soon so that I could see him again.

At last Sunday came. After the service, we got to talk. He was happy I came and insisted I come to church regularly we exchange phone numbers and that's how we became friends. He got to know my house, I got to know his, we visit each other once a while, we chat and play like lover bird's. Deep down, I consider us as couples. Not until one day, my friend told me he has a girlfriend. On hearing this, I was heartbroken
I felt betrayed, all this while we are together he didn't mention any girlfriend or say anything. Ever since, I kept my distance away from him, he noticed it but couldn't figure out. But he never gave up; he kept coming closer and then I realized we are nothing but friends when he introduced me to his girlfriend.
I got hold of myself, put everything behind; after all I was the one catching feeling.
"I wish them all the best, I hope they find happiness" I said to myself
My phone ringing tone brought me to reality. I glanced at the caller it was David, it took me a while to decide on picking until the call ended.
"It is well" I said letting out a sigh, stood up and find my way to the kitchen.

🌹 🌹 🌹

Daddy got a pink rose yesterday
Daddy got pink roses almost everyday
A forehead wrinkle I gave as usual

I sat on the cushion today waiting for him
I sat on the cushion hoping for a good day
My eyes fixed at the door, rise at first knock

I cried my eyes out banging the door
I cried my eyes out wetting my pillow
A blue rose with a red ribbon that I want

Daddy couldn't get any in the store
Daddy couldn't get any in the store
A blue rose with ribbon was hard to get.