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Hi, so happy you decided to take an interest in learning about me and what I do! My name is Cloe, I’m just your average country loving, small town girl with big dreams and a love for the ocean & travelling. Just in case you didn’t get those vibes from my feed ;)

I’m a micro influencer for an amazing hair & skincare company called Monat! Not only is this my job but I’ve made it into a lifestyle. This lifestyle provides me with an amazing positive community, a personal mentor to push me to reach my full potential, work from my phone, chose my hours and most of all.. helped me discover myself.

I work as a lifeguard, continuously in chlorine and used to bleach my hair blonde once a month. It was damaged to say the least. I thought I had to accept it. Until I found these NATURAL PRODUCTS. These products can & will change your hair. In 2 weeks I felt a major difference in thickness, dryness & overall cleanliness. I felt like I levelled up & gained a whole new level of self confidence. THIS COULD BE YOU!

My goal is to continuously push myself to become better! One of my dreams is to travel the world. This opportunity, gives me a fighting chance to follow my dream.

Now I want you to picture your dream life. You can have it. It just takes consistency & effort!

I’m here to help you achieve your GOALS & your DREAMS. Let’s make them happen! Whether that be making your hair shine, your skin glow or take your life into your own hands and take a risk. Say “YES” to an opportunity that can change your life as it did mine.

My Top Travel Destinations <3

If you’re a travel fanatic like me here we’re some of my favourite places to visit/live In

I was introduced to travelling very young! I spent one week every year on at least one family trip since the age of 6. As I got older I developed a passion for travelling, learning new languages, throwing myself into new cultures, & always wanting to be around the ocean!

I speak Fluent French & English and speak a little Spanish, & Finish. I was raised both French and English with roots in Finland. Last year I spent travelling Europe and lived in Spain for 3 months. Reasons why I had to learn Spanish :b

Anyway with all of my travelling, listed are my top ten favourite places <3

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Luzern, Switzerland

Luzern was absolutely breathtaking. On my 4 day trip my favourite destination was the hike up the amazing hills above the clouds. There was snow and it was a little cold, however, amazing views & a great place for pictures!

Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

I spent two weeks travelling around Vancouver Island. From Nanaimo to Tofino, Tofino to Victoria, a fairy from Victoria to Vancouver, travelled around Vancouver, then back to Nanaimo! To say it was FUN is an understatement.

Hands down my favourite spot was definitely Tofino Beach!! Water was very cold and know one was swimming without a wet suit. Until I came a long of course :)

Oporto, Portugal

I travelled to Portugal a few times whilst in Spain! I kept using there amazing deserts ‘la Nata’ as an excuse to drag my friends out there with me! Although the food was amazing so were the views.

Oporto has some of the most amazing attractions including a beautiful train station filled with hand painted tiles, the famous Harry Potter Library, an enormous bridge and lots & lots of stairs ;)

It’s definitely a workout, but with many beautiful structures, a lot of history & an amazing culture!

A Coruña, Spain

Funny story..

In Grade 12 I became best friends with an exchange student from Spain through volleyball. We both loved the sport and she enjoyed teaching me Spanish! Though she never told me where she lived.

When I flew on a spontaneous trip to Europe I landed in Pontevedra, Spain. She lived only an hour train ride away from me, in a city named A Coruña.

She gave me a three day tour of her beautiful city! Had some famous hot chocolate & churros, walked around the big city admiring the structures & the people, as well as visited the tower of Hercules, and my favourite beach!!

Will definitely visit again SOON <3

England, United Kingdom

My last stop in Europe before returning home! I booked a flight to London where my Cousin Justina picked me up and drove me to her place in a small town named Liss, an hour outside of London.

Funny enough, I enjoyed this trip more then London itself. I felt like I became more apart of England rather than a tourist. She introduced my to all the beautiful small towns such as Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Selbourne, Petersfield, just to name a few.

I loved the Christmas market in Petersfield, & the little English history behind Liss! However my favourite family activity we did together was walk the pier and the beach in Portsmouth! We walked and shopped all day! Watched the amazing garden of lights and then stayed for the sunset! Absolutely in LOVE with England.

Florida, USA

So Florida is a tricky one to talk about! I have visited almost every town & city in this state. Also every state between Florida & New York State, because my family would drive down to Florida almost every second year to visit my grandmother who spent winters in Okeechobee.

However, if I had to pick my favourite cities.. Clearwater is definitely one, for the simple reason that it is home to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. One of the best aquariums to visit. Only home to animals who have been rescued from the wild and cannot be released due to medical purposes. You can learn their name, what they like and all about their personality. Truly an amazing experience!

I am also really partial to loving Juno beach & Vero beach.. two of my closest and favourite beaches! Not the most well know but hidden gems with beautiful beaches and gorgeous small beach town! Would highly recommend visiting these beaches along with the Juno beach Loggerhead Marine Life Centre! A rehabilitation centre for sea turtles!! Watch them grow and learn how they are treated! They have the cutest little gift shop too :)

And quickly let’s not forget my favourite Beach and Pier town... Daytona beach! Home to my favourite waves <3

Castle Of Versailles, France

This was an amazing experience! And I am not kidding when I tell you that this castle is HUGE!! It is the worlds biggest castle. All castles we’re built after this one, in honour of this amazing structure! I wonder how many men it took to build this!! I’m sure hundreds if not thousands!

And to think this Kind built his Mistress her own castles on the same property yet it’s a 25 minute walk!?? The same property. Oh, and she also made him build her a farm town because she wanted to live through that experience. pfff

Although this was so amazing to walk through.. and there is so much to see! We arrived at 8am and walked till close at 6pm & still did not have enough time to see everything!! Amazing gardens, lakes, rooms, art, everything!!

Put this on your to do list!! It’s a must see!

London, England

London is amazing for so many different reasons!! So many attractions, there’s always a medium pace people take towards life!! The culture is relaxed and knowledgeable!! The food is good, the buildings looks amazing, the nature is beautiful!! London is the place to be!!

My favourite activity apart from walking everywhere and seeing everything was the London Eye! Definitely recommend, definitely worth the money spent.

I was also lucky enough to be in London on Remembrance Day! Walked to the main square and saw the queen with streets crowded of people!! Saw soldiers all dressed up and then walked over to a march to visit Buckingham Palace!! Definitely a city worth visiting <3

Ourense, Spain

I travelled to Ourense and stayed in an Airbnb for a week. Without my luck, I had all these plans that fell through thanks to my return from Paris! I had gotten my phone pick pocketed and spent half of my time in the mall in Ourense in the aftermath trying to buy a new one.

Thankfully this amazing city provided me with so many hot springs!! It was my first time trying a hot spring. I tried three different areas and let me tell you. Thermal therapy is the BEST!! Not only is it so relaxing but Different water temperatures benefit your body in so many ways.

And not to forget it was completely GORGEOUS!! Outside pools with waterfalls, caves, indoor pools, 12 different pools, all different shapes and temperatures and everything is on the RIVER! Would love here If I could!!

Cultus Lake, British Columbia

Where to begin with this one...

My best friend and travel buddy left me half way across the country! Luckily my cousin & another friend came to my rescue! My cousin showed me all around Vancouver!

We went out sailing and I swam out in the middle of the ocean!! It was terrifying but felt amazing and so freeing at the same time! Sailed along the shore and took in all the amazing views!! We also visited Capilano Suspension Bridge Park! AMAZING. A must see!

Then my friend Zoe came to the rescue! Spent a girls night shopping and went to my first drive In! Thank God I was watching Tom Holland in the Spider-Man Homecoming! It would have been bad if my first experience wasn’t a movie I was in love with!

Then she brought me to this lake! I. Was. SPEECHLESS. It’s a pool of fresh water sitting in the middle of beautiful mountains!! How can you not love this place!? We also got ice cream, definitely one of my favourite memories ✨

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