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hi everyone! my name is clarabelle or bella! among other things, i specialize in making roblox content on youtube, and gfx/animations on instagram!

i have been in the instagram roblox community for just a couple month now, and it’s been crazy! i have met some incredibly talented people, made some amazing friends, and got to interact with you! i have grown so fast it’s insane! i want to say thank you!

i started my youtube months before joining on instagram. it’s been a crazy journey. we are almost at 200 subscribers and its just so mind-blowing! thank you so much!

some of my favorite colors are earth colors, as you may have noticed. this brings me to my next topic. i’m a huge advocate for the well-being of the earth, i believe in climate change, along with many other things. i’m also a supporter of the lgbtqia+ community.

i have adopted the name “little cows” for my fans and followers. my whole being is centered around that wonderful species.

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hello! i post weekly roblox content for everyone! you can expect my videos every tuesday and thursday and occasionally on saturday or sunday! for the fastest updates, make sure to join the dizzy server! (coming up!) thanks for stopping by!

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how to make gfx! (beginner tutorial)

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