Cm=E² and I

Marketeer Extraordinary

I'm Shawn. Just a real mo-foo who is down to earth, simple, and logical. I love humanity, yet dislike people today. I have no real accomplishments that I can list, though I've accomplished much in this life I was dealt. I am an expert on and in struggling. That's what I've done my whole life, only to barely tread water. I know I'm not alone in this, nor was I the 1st, nor will I be the last; however I am ready to lessen the struggle. To do so I'm here to become THE AFFILIATE MARKETEER of affiliates.
So help me out y'all. Help me to make the struggle of struggles. Let me help you,( the consumer), obtain the products you already need and want, help the vendors be comfortable and sell their wares, and in turn you both help my soul-mate and I get a modest studio apartment so that Anna and this mo-foo can leave these alleys and canyons behind forever.
What do you say? Are you with us on this? Good, hop to the next page and check out these exciting products. You'll be glad and happy that you did. At least I hope you will😬

Thank you and be safe, Anna and Shawn.