The making of c.Michealle-Alice...

Many of you know me as Christina, or Christy as I was called more often than not in my childhood and teenage years when my safety and a strict adherence to proper, appropriate decorum and respectful ladylike mannerisms became a vision which turned into a fervent and focused insistence and reason for being as a mother who was victimized by hate crimes and public defamation and who was naturally quiet and compelled to a way of being which, if accompanied by many zeros in multiple bank accounts, assets, and inheritances discovered by or found out, or are even supposed by those less willing to work for or appreciate such things,
cause a quiet life to become miserable and cause a person unnecessary stresses and grief for no other reason than a natural desire to do right and stand up for it without relevance for the opinions of those who oppose it and seek to smear those who clearly do not.

My grandmother was a good teacher to us both as matriarchs in training, and in a simultaneous role of being cast each as first born heirs on both sides and over the course of multiple generations of those who on both sides saw to our keeping of these covenants to our good names and good fortunes because of it, and to our own self respect.

And to the respect of others no matter their income or the color of skin, or their differently embodied or expressed capabilities of body and faculties of mind, and particularly not for things a person cannot help such as color of hair or other outstanding and unique vernacular or cadence of voice coupled with striking physical appearance which is often covered up as a reason for jealousy infused hate crimes to be committed and lawsuits created for no other cause than to smear by campaign what a person just cannot so help.

I have decided that we should not try to help or make apologies for these things, or to try to cover them up or seek to subdue them in any way....and so a clarion call went out in the name of the good people of Eastern Kentucky who by nature embody these things and are often attacked by extortion artists, sometimes carrying the same last name but acting in no way similar, who need and could sure use my help as a person committed to uncovering the truth and to doing so politely and to the handling of such things behind closed doors and with compassion to those who lay dying or are already under the ground and would not want their lives and their legacies to be compromised by the actions of foolish neglect they frowned upon while maintaining self-right repose.

I'm Christina, and I have come home for good now to help. C

If you or your family members have any cold-case, thwarted, intervened upon or otherwise unsolved, yet unsolved, lingering questions and the pain which naturally also often lingers in the aftermath of tragedy and hurt feelings, I can help.

If you or a loved one have suffered a viscious attack on your name, chosen career path or political and/or financial interests due to divorce or death, and the side-chosen friendships or seemingly undone familial ties in the aftermath of these things and you suspect there is more cause for concern than meets the eye or would seem anything other than far-fetched outside of our unique geographics, I assure you that if you are concerned I can intuitively help. And can help make peace whenever and wherever, and most often even with whomever possible.

I like to believe that it's always worth the risk of giving it a try, and more often than not also not just possible, but surprisingly likely.

If ANYONE at ANYTIME has threatened you or intimidated or expected you to hand over Fiducuary Bonds, Trust and/or Inheritance Accounts, Liquid Assets or Cash Monies, or has financially abused you by lying to you and telling you these things did not, do not, or no longer exist due to a number of easily explainable but with no way to prove the validity of medical bills, prescription drug costs, increased costs of living or final expenses of a loved one.....DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL ME. I am specialized with psychic and intuitive abilities backed by a Criminal and Forensics Degree in a field where I saw fit to pioneer research which is backed by the Scientific Method and calls for my Psychic and Intuitive uncoverings to be cause enough to require further investigation, which I am also trained as an expert in my field to either conduct myself (Constitutionally, with the highest practices of integrity to myself, you and your family, and to all involved with no suspicions being raised and in the absence of explosive makings of dramatic scenes which help no one and seek only to distract from the end result you seek and purpose of your call for help...the breaking of familial silence to forward, if not all out cause, an uprising of love and dissent toward anger which only calls peace in its wake.

Thank you for welcoming me home to The Mountains with open arms and the safety and security of a lifetime of love and well wishes and as a direct result of what I was often reminded were your heartfelt prayers for my someday and soon return.

Go Maroon!, luv'yuns, my momma and 'em are doing just fine, once a Panther always a Panther, and rest easy...we shall all get there safely together. I'm still on Buckley's Creek and only a call away if you're scared or simply just want to catch up.

It's okay to be sacred even if it's new to you or you aren't comfortable with or accustomed to it...just don't get stuck there and don't let it keep you from a phone call to a trusted friend who is no stranger to the pitfalls of not wanting or quite knowing how to asking for help. Believe me, I'm very difficult these days to shock, surprise, or embarrass, and you are never going to be judged or made to feel embarrassed or assumed by me to be at fault...no matter your unique situation, known or unknown reason for request of my help and belive it or not ghosts and skeletons tend to amuse me more so than ever dreaming of assuming you to be crazy or at fault.

Your concerns are always STRICTLY AND ABOVE ALL CONFIDENTIAL and first appointments come complete with Champagne:)

Report threats or acts of Inadherance to Constitutional Law, and/or irreverence for your safety, quality of life or the lives of those you love and think highly of