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C.N.K Signs has strived for reliable customer service & quality in manufacturing a wide variety of signage.

Ranging From:
Vehicle Branding Private & Corporate Fleets.

Commercial & Industrial Signage Indoor & Outdoor.

 Illuminated, Fabricated & Large Format Full Colour Digital Billboard Advertising.

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What We Do

Our Vision

C.N.K Signs would like to be first choice when our Clientele require any of the services or range that we offer.
Our vision is to be the stepping stone for Promotion and Branding.
We also aim to achieve the status of being the largest Manufacturer and Supplier in the market sector of Branding, Portable Display and Signage.


A billboard is a large outdoor advertising structure, typically found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads.

Business Cards, Flyers etc

Printing of business cards is dependent on your requirements. C.N.K Signs is here to help you get the best out of them also to give you the client piece of mind that we are here for you in the long run.


Contra-vision gives you a full-colour print on the outside while remaining see-through from the inside. It’s perfect for shopfront and vehicle windows as well as being great for privacy or security.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutter is used for softer materials, such as Perspex, wood, leather, paper, film, etc. and unfortunately cannot cut through materials such as Aluminium, glass steel, mild steel, etc. Our digital cutter aids us in creating amazing products for signage, shop

Light Boxes

Light boxes are the most widely-used signs, as a result of their simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and influence. All fittings are invisible from the outside, easy clean finish and the dynamic and innovative lightbox can even be adapted to incorporate raised lettering.

Magnetic Signage

Magnetic Signage Sheet with a vinyl print of your choice. It’s Ideal for vehicles and fridges.


High-quality banners of all the kinds you may need for your business. Completely open for all kinds of modifications to specially cater to your needs, this is in actual fact your creative corner!

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