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Spark your creative soul confidently✨

You can experience your breakthrough in the comfort of your home using my proven 5 Steps Back to You Workshop, Me For Mine monthly box and a Mini coaching session.

You get to choose your next step! The journey of sparking your soul is up to you and I’m here to meet you where you already are.

Need to have a little chat and hear yourself talk? I’m here to listen 😊 Consider me your sounding board for every idea, vision and desires you want to bring to life 😉

Ready to experience me time without planning, going to the spa, being away from home and endlessly scrolling your heart to discontent? The next Me For Mine box is being curated as we speak. Come join us!

Are you seeking a deeper level of guidance and support, but not ready to call a therapist? I’m here to bridge the gap for you. 🤝

After experiencing a bout of depression, rage and isolation, I said screw this and made time for creative outlets. The mountains finally became mole hills. I always have something to look forward to and I always have a friend to lean on. I know, It’s gets hard, REAL HARD!

As they say, the days are long and the years are short. I want to remember my soul being on fire, joyful and content, never leaving a day in robotic monotony.

I’m here for you, it just takes one moment to connect 🤝

1. Rediscover YOU

Rediscover your personality, values, and reminisce.

2. Hobbies

Get back your fun to fuel your energy & happiness

3. Friendship

Find your right fit community & never live another day lonely

4. Conquer

See brightness at the end of every dark tunnel

5. Confidence

Unleash your inner strength & courage to become self-assured without the need for external validation

The blog

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About Me

Hello friends, I’m Dana!

I am a wife, mom of two and step mom of one. We love cuddling with the coolest cat we know named Leo. As a woman, I love to indulge in my not so guilty pleasures, slow down to enjoy my little ones smile and surround myself with those that lift me up so I can conquer my beautifully chaotic days.

Traveling and experiencing new cultures are what I love to do for my big time adventures. After a full day at work and standing strong in motherhood I turn to my sewing machine while connecting with friends and communities. What keeps me going in everything I do is loving and having fun with the man that keeps me whole.

As you get to know me, you will learn I am an energetic extrovert. People often call me a chameleon and easy to talk to. I am an open book when you hang out with me and I live authentically and intentionally. Whoa, hold up a minute! It hasn't been this way every season of my life. My full self and full purpose was quickly shadowed.

Motherhood brought on feelings of isolation, feeling lost, overwhelmed, anxiety and rage. I dealt with these feelings and road blocks for awhile until depression hit me fast and hard. We moved away from our stable foundation in Indiana and I was drowning in motherhood. We made a volunteer move that filled our hearts in many ways, but also left emptiness that I didn't see coming. I was 36 weeks pregnant when we landed in our forever home in Cleveland.

After the stress of moving, becoming a mother of two and struggling to rebuild my local community and friendships, I faced my darkest place and had to take action. I knew I only had ONE life to live and the years were short, really short. Wow the days were soooo long though!

I took one step at a time and one day at a time. I strengthened my mindset with daily self improvement, was authentic and vulnerable in community and refused to let a day go by without at least 10 minutes of ME time.

I resigned from my nursing career Spring of 2020 to be a full time coach for YOU! I created 5 Steps Back to You and Me For Mine Mama Box which is a fun guided experience in community so you can finally reach the life YOU deserve, want and can have. My inbox is always open so feel free to stop in and say Hi!