So you want to be a…

Star Beauty Guide!

We are SO EXCITED and incredibly proud that you have decided to take the leap to be coached to hit a Top 5% Leadership position with our team!

Every great accomplishment starts with a decision to TRY! 💫


The Requirements

The requirements to hit the rank of Star Beauty Guide in Canada include:

• PRV of $375.00 / month
• 3 Active Beauty Guide Legs including:
• 1 Active Lead Beauty Guide
• TGRV of $6,250 / month

Please complete the chart below by filling in the active team you currently have, and make a note of your current personal and team volume.


Your List of 100

This list will include at least 100 people you can see yourself working with.

You may be thinking something like: I don’t even know 100 people!

I get it. Many of us don’t have the ability to immediately think of 100 people we would love to work with. This is why we have to get creative and think outside the box!

Some ideas:
• Social Media Friends. Who have you been connecting with that you think would be a great fit for LimeLife?

• Small Business Owners. Many small business owners already have the skills and mindset to be able to promote a product and service. Would they be open to an additional stream of income?

• Makeup Artists + Beauty Enthusiasts. LimeLife by Alcone is the only professional cosmetics brand in the direct sales industry. We are trained by celebrity makeup artists and promote only professional products. Makeup artists make some of the best Beauty Guides!

• Friends of friends. Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends and ask for referrals. Get extra creative by posting polls and questions on your social media asking who your friends know that may want to work online in professional cosmetics.

Use these strategies to build your list of 100 people. These are the people we will be building close relationships with and asking to come work with us.


Your Commitment + Time

Just as you would set your intentions, goals and make a plan when beginning a workout plan or diet plan… the same is necessary in business.

Fail to Plan = Plan to Fail

1. How much time can you commit each day to reaching your goals?

2. Are you committed to having the discipline to work that amount of time, with no or very little outside distractions each day?

3. Have you taken time to communicate these commitments of your time and energy to your family and friends? Most often, conflict is the result of miscommunication. It is so important that the people around us know our intentions so they can help us and understand when we are busy.

Spend some time really digging deep into understanding how much time you can realistically commit to working on your business each day without becoming burnt out. Communicate your intentions to the people around you so they know what to expect.


Non-Negotiable Daily Method of Operation

10 Conversations in Messenger

From your list of 100, have a conversation with 10 of those people daily.

The people who decide to buy from us or work with us are the ones who KNOW us, LIKE us, and TRUST us.

Conversations are the #1 way people will get to know us, come to like us and ultimately begin to trust us.


1. Starting a new conversation:
• not sure how to get into someone’s inbox? Use this trick: NAME, COMPLIMENT, QUESTION.

Example: Hey Kim! I was just scrolling my feed and your photo came across. I love the scarf you’re wearing in that photo… I’ve been looking for a similar one! May I ask where you got it?

Do not: say HEY GIRL. People like to hear their NAME being used. You will peak their attention when they see you took the time to learn and/or notice something about them before messaging.

5 New Connections

If you had a brick and mortar business, where you were your only source of growth… what would you do each and every day to get your name out there?

You would aim to meet new people, right?

Guess what? When you are working with LimeLife by Alcone, YOU are your business. YOU are responsible for your growth, your income. It is up to you to get your name out there!

Make 5 new connections each day.

Not sure where to find new people? Here are some Tips;

1. Facebook Groups
What are you interested in outside of LimeLife? Are you a mom? A dog mom? A cat lady? Do you knit? Do you love plants/gardening? Maybe you ride a bike in your spare time. Maybe you are a fitness junkie. Whatever you are interested in… join some Facebook Groups and begin commenting / posting to create new connections with people who have common interests.

2. Instagram Hashtags
Did you know there is a hashtag for EVERYTHING on Instagram, and you can find people who have common interests quickly and easily? Just like working in groups, you can also search keywords on Instagram, click tags, click recent and connect with people in those specific hashtags!

* Use the name, compliment, question trick to get to know people if you struggle to have new conversations

1 Opportunity Post

We don’t know what we don’t know.

If we never talk about what it’s like to work with LimeLife by Alcone / professional cosmetics / direct sales… how will anyone ever know about the incredible opportunity we have?

Create an opportunity post each day.

1. Don’t overthink it. Your post does not have to be pages long, it can be something as simple as:

“I am so grateful I was able to fill my tank of gas today with my LimeLife earnings. This used to be something I stressed about so much!” with a selfie of you sitting in your car.

2. Get vulnerable. People begin to trust us when we let them j to our life, when we share our struggles and talk about how we are overcoming those struggles.

1 Live Video

Want to know how to speed up the process of LIKE, KNOW, TRUST?

Go live on social media every day.

When people can hear our voice, see our face and get to know our body language and expressions, they get to know who we are. The right people begin to like us, and when we are consistent in showing up and providing value to the people in our circle: they start to trust us.

20 Interactions

Let’s talk a little bit about the Facebook / Instagram Algorithm. Want to know the best way to get more eyes and more engagement on your posts?

🥁 🥁 🥁

Engage on OTHERS posts! Aim to interact on at least 20 non-beauty guide posts each day. Remember, we are working from our list of 100, these are the people we should be interacting with each day.

3-5 Stories

With how much action / distraction there is on social media, it’s hard to keep up with and pay attention to what one person is doing.

It’s so important that we are utilizing EVERY feature social media offers us to ensure what we are offering is seen each day!

Aim to upload at least 3-5 stories each day with a good mix of lifestyle (daily life, inspirational) stories, LimeLife product stories and opportunity stories.

When creating stories, your intention should always fit into one of these categories: Teach, Entertain, Inspire.

TEACH: a tip/trick, product education, social media growth, etc.

ENTERTAIN: think… funny, attention grabbing, story telling.

INSPIRE: inspirational quotes, motivational videos, favourite books, opportunity posts, sharing accomplishments.


Kim Thygesen

I can remember a time when I was struggling so much in my life, just a couple years ago.

I felt like I had lost my name, my sense of self, my sense of belonging… I had stopped being ‘Kim’ and I had become ‘Mommy’. I will admit, I LOVE being a mother, my children bring me so joy, so much happiness, they really are my world. At times, though, I missed Kim.

As someone who has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, has always had that little spark of, “I know I’m meant for more”, I was feeling like my creativity, my ambition and my sense of self were slowly fading away in my role as a mother.

How could I find a balance?
To be present with my children, and to feed that ambitious flame within me?

Enter: LimeLife by Alcone.

Never did I ever think I would find something or somewhere that allowed me to feel so complete. This opportunity allows me to do it all: be present with my growing children and use my creativity as an entrepreneur.

What it really took for me to reach star beauty guide with LimeLife was having an open mind, a positive attitude, a willingness to be coached and the grit to be disciplined and focused to get through the hard days. The process was NOT easy, it’s still not easy, but i can say with absolute certainty that it has been worth it: on a personal level, on a financial level… it has made such a positive impact in my life.

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