“I am committed to living a life of freedom, honesty, and self-worth”


Hello! I am Natali but you can call me Nat.

I am a certified Spiritual Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner, Artist and currently working on my Holistic Health & Wellness certification to become a board certified (NBHWC). I'm also the mama of two beautiful girls; Autumn Rayne and Sierra Luna. I’m married to my adventure partner and we have a sophisticated tuxedo cat named Pickles. My journey began in 2011, after discovering the wonderful world of Yoga and my artistic abilities. When I started to feel connected to a path that was just beginning to unfold for me. However, it wasn’t until after my first born that my life completely changed. Not only was I a new mom, but the shock of being a first time mom, AND living 700 miles away from family and friends that I came to realize that there is more to life than what we are conditioned to see. I was beginning to tune in more and quiet the static of the unnecessary and external demands of life that no longer fit, like; “This is what life should look like, and this is who you should be…” Instead, I started to pay more attention to my own intuition and spiritual gifts. I began to listen.

Flash forward eleven years. My journey has brought me to discover so many wonderful healing modalities such as; Art, Reiki, astrology, crystals and meditation (that’s just to name a few). I have experienced major spiritual shifts first hand, which have resulted in finally dissolving limiting beliefs and opening an immense sense of joy. I now know that life can be full of flow and ease when you ground, release and open your heart to your authentic self.

Join me on my healing journey and allow me to guide you in remembering who you are reclaim your life and help you flourish into the amazing confident human being you were meant to be.

Kind Words

What people are saying...

Kyle Tiongson | Founder of Howdy Neighbor

“First of all... WOW! I would say I used to be skeptical about any type of readings and thought that they all must be some sort of parlor trick. That all changed when I had my intuitive reading session with Natali. Not only was her reading very precise it also gave me more insight into what steps to take next in my current journey for clarity. The warmth, lightness, and intentionality that Natali brings in her service is sorely missed in today's world and I cannot thank her enough for the wonderful experience.”

Cilia Antoniou | Brand Strategist

“I’ve been receiving intuitive readings from Natali for the past 5 years and she is always so spot on!! She has been my guide during times in life when I’ve felt lost, and has helped me look at my road blocks in my journey of entrepreneurship. Natali has so much wisdom, patience, and is very spiritually connected. No matter your beliefs, Natali is very open and accepting and always invites you to see if messages resonate with you instead of just telling you to believe them. I highly recommend to book a reading with her, it will change your life!”

Makayla McRorie | Mindset + Business Coach for feminine Entrepreneurs

I loved my session with Natali, her intuitive insights were spot on and it was so easy to talk to her. She introduced me to my guides and gave me expert guidance for how to claim my biggest month in business EVER! I left feeling so supported and excited about my life and business. I highly recommend working with Natali ASAP!”

Amanda J.

“I was nervous and excited. But with Natali’s genuine personality I was able to get comfortable, relax, and be in the moment. Natali really helped my inner most desires come up to the surface. All these ideas and emotions I had put on the back burner for so long came to light. I feel like I have a direction to lean too and I’m motivated now more than ever. Thank you Natali for connecting with me and helping me connect with myself”

Lissette B. | Owner of LizBee Creations

“I have chills, I just finished my session with Natali. She was great and I loved my session with her. This was my first ever reading. I didn't know what to expect or what to say but Natali made me feel comfortable and at ease. She was spot-on with the reading, I appreciate all her words. I definitely needed to hear her intuitive insight.. We connected very well. I highly recommend getting a session with Natali.”

Kristin Taylor | Executive & Life Coach

“I just had a reading with Natali and wow, what a true gift she is! Her authentic warmth, joy and profound and timely insights were exactly what I needed. I went into the reading feeling stressed and a bit untethered, but left feeling inspired and "Divinely guided" (as she put it). I don't fully understand how she knows what she knows, but I don't need to. What I can say, however, is that she was spot on: hers (and my guides') messages came at the right time and helped me tune out fear, and connect to grace, love and most of all trust in what is unfolding in my life, as part of my soul's expression. I cannot recommend Natali more strongly. Again, she is a true gift.”

Sasha S.

“Loved my reading with lunarayne...she is so sweet and gave me the clarity I was looking for. Thank you so much!!”

Bethany C.

“Natali radiates comfort during her intuitive readings. Her genuine personality allows for a safe space and clarity on the tough issues. The only way to go on a spiritual journey is to get started. A coach like Natali will help you understand what serves you and how to follow your own intuition.”

Flor B. | Owner of Cositas by Flor

“I had a reading with Natali and it was on point with what my subconscious was working through. I had a weird dream the day of the reading and Natali pulled cards for me that just made sense. It made me comfortable in working through what the cards showed as well as what I was personally trying to work through”

Jenn Z.

"I honestly had no idea what to expect from an intuitive reading. I’ve done tarot readings, palm readings, and astrology readings in the past, so I wasn’t sure how this would differ from those. Natali did a great job at giving me a quick overview before we dove in! Throughout our call, I felt a strong sense of grounding take over as Natali tapped into all the guides surrounding me. Her message was pretty clear and helped clarify some things both in my personal life & my business and it was empowering to learn that I am on the right track!"


“I just had an intuitive reading with Natali, and there were so many messages that came through that made sense for me. There were validations that I was really needing to hear.
I appreciated that she was so easy to talk to and so open. I really do feel like I’ve walked away with a better understanding of how to tap in to my own intuition and to listen to what my spirit guides are always trying to tell me.
I highly recommend her services and I’m so glad that I made the appointment!”


“Loved loved my session with Natali ..!! She’s spot on.. on so many ways. Her energy is amazing. Loved every minute of it.

Along with the tarot reading, she also was giving me suggestions which were very helpful for my life as a whole.
She tuned into my energy and she made me feel if the path I’m on is the best for me and aligned. The session was powerful.

It never felt like I was speaking to her for the very first time. She’s such a warm and welcoming person.

I would recommend any/all sessions with her with eyes closed. Go for it guys, and unfold your life.”