Hey Hun! I’m Coach Jamy

I am a wife and mama of 3 in her 40’s. I’ve also spent decades trying to figure out how and where I fit in, and never quite felt seen, heard, and understood.

I was raised by a single mother, who although did her best, was overwhelmed, and found comfort in food as a means to cope with the pressure. I grew up watching her yo-yo diet and try to find the secret to controlling her weight, and ultimately, her overall happiness.

I saw her pain, and strive to help mama’s who feel just like she did!

This is the driving emotion behind my business. It is “MY” whyyyyy!

I am also a survivor of childhood trauma and grew into adulthood using wine as a means to drown my guilt and shame. Much like my mom, I used it to cope with my anxiety and pressures of being a wife and “perfect” mother.

I share this because, I get it! I too have had to claim my comeback hun. The road here wasn’t easy. It was messy and it was turbulent, but along this ride, I have been able to find the glory in my story and curated a method of transformation and fulfillment.

Your comeback is not supposed to look like mine or any other queen out there. It is uniquely yours; tweaked and owned solely by you and meant to serve YOU! How rad is that? (cue cheesy 80’s 🎶)

Chances are, if you’ve come this far, you’re probably tired of being tired.

You want to feel lighter and brighter.

You crave the energy to keep up with the rigors of being the queen bee of your family.

And you’re ready and willing to finally conquer and control your weight.

So let me ask you hun...

What if you I told you, you could attain and sustain these things using my SHED Method and claim your comeback like the queen you deserve to be?

Bring on the empowerment feels!?

Whether you’re looking to become more self-aware, heal your mindset and inner critic, learn how to exercise effectively, or develop an eating plan that works for you?

I am here to coach, inspire, and show you how to shed those pesky pounds and revive your energy!

Give yourself permission to choose your growth and progress.

Remember this, without a happy and healthy mama, what is left to take care of the ones you love the most?!

Thank yourself for coming this far. I am crazy proud of you.

Coach Jamy