Hey Beautiful Soul!

It’s so nice to meet you!!

My name is Nessa and I am so glad you’re here!

I have a question for you but before I ask it…

I’m curious, have you ever been on a plane?


Okay, so you know how before the plane takes off, all the stewarest’s stand in the isles to give directions to all passengers to show them where to go and what to do if there's ever an emergency.

And then they say that if the oxygen masks get dispatched that you need to, “put your mask on first before putting someone else's on.”

The rule seems so simple, right?!
Like, yes, no duh.
I’ll put my mask on.
Got it.

And yet we find ourselves at work running off caffeine, dry shampoo, and are completely depleted of energy. Trying to make sure everyone's taken care of and yet we need to put our oxygen-recharging mask on first to restore our energy. Sadly, we will make all the excuses as to why we can’t even take a hot bath and turn the phone on “DO NOT DISTURB”.

(Wouldn't that be nice!!)

See, what I’ve learned about the industry comes from watching my family and friends work as stylist’s for years doing the exact same thing. Most days, they go home completely exhausted, frustrated, and hangry.

Then I took some more time to research and gain a better understanding of the beauty industry to see what happens day-in and day-out for entrepreneurial stylists.

And what’s bizarre to me, is that all anyone ever knows to do is to march to the beat of HUSTLE, HUSTLE, HUSTLE!
-Just get the job done.
-make the money.
-and get them out of the chair asap (and hope they feel amazing walking out the door).

So here’s my question,
WHY do we keep going on like this?
When is it ever going to be enough?
And how do we get off this hampster-wheel-of-mayhem?!

Here at Urban Collective, I guide our team of amazing specialists to learn the answers to all these questions plus how to get out hustle-mode by incorporating mindful-healthy habits that support the heart, mind, and body while also taking into consideration our busy work-life schedules.

With my degree in Psychology and Health + Life Coaching education I am equipped to help you know how to fuel your body with the right foods and ingredients by honoring your bodies specific needs so that you are LIVING THIS LIFE less stressed, at peace with who you are, and doing the things that bring you more joy and happiness to create your personalized wholeness lifestyle.

Just like a Beef Veggie Stew (yes I'm a total foodie), all of the ingredients have to work together, compliment each other, and be used in moderation in order to have balance, flavor, and soul comfort.

And you know what’s also strange, stylists and professionals in the beauty industry do not actually take care of themselves.

In fact, they are completely burned out trying to serve the greatest good in everyone else.

Since being in the salon with our team, I’ve witnessed how diverse and different the needs of each stylist can be. Everyone has different individual needs, goals, and challenges that they are striving for.

However, there is definitely not a “go to recipe” when it comes to understanding ourselves and who we truly are.

That’s why in my coaching program, I am here to support my clients 100% as I take them through a process of understanding themselves on a personal level so that even the smallest needs are taken care of and the deepest of human needs are no longer ignored.

One of the first things we go over in my coaching program is how to know what it means to take care of ourselves FIRST so that we can show up for our family and guests as our best + most authentic self.

To my entrepreneurs and professional’s in the beauty industry, NOW IS THE TIME to be the change you know you need!

If you said yes to any of these questions and have been searching for someone to help guide you, encourage you, be your accountability partner to create healthy changes, and celebrate you, I would love to connect!

There is no time to waste friend, click on that link below and let's set up a time to chat.


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