Coach Roe

A Bit About Me

Hey sis, welcome! My name is Roshanne, but most call me Roe. I’m a Career-Life Coach, Lawyer and believer. I help women of faith who feel “stuck” in their current circumstances transform their career and lifestyle goals (even if they’re not sure of what they are) into accomplishments. Drawing on my own experience, successes and failures, I assist in aligning who you are (innately or divinely) with what you do in life. I truly believe that, while my trials (and later triumphs) were very personal, challenging and sometimes painful to me, those experiences were not for me alone—but were also meant to encourage, empower and inspire other women through similar seasons.

On a more personal level, I’m not married and have no children…yet. I enjoy travel; cooking; art; music (from gospel to dancehall—yes, you read correctly, I said dancehall), quality time with family and friends; and I’m a beast at connect four. Depending on when and where, you may catch me in heels wearing a dress or suit, or sneakers in sweats or some seriously distressed jeans.

Jokes aside, as your Coach, I work with you to discover, crystallize and pursue your vision for your life and or career. Using a number of tools and assessments, we’ll synthesize the information gathered to strategize a plan to achieve your goals, uncovering and dismantling any barriers we come across, so that you’re joyously leading a purposeful and fulfilled life.

If you’re over feeling “stuck” and ready to make a meaningful change in your life and career, schedule a free, 30 minute pre-coaching session and let’s talk about how I can help!

Stay Blessed,
Coach Roe