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Hello and Welcome!

I am Sonia Marie; I am a qualified Spinal Energetics Practitioner and am fortunate to bring these sessions to you globally via remote and in person.

The WA coast is my home; I’m so very fortunate to have my very own haven right near the beach where I am able to watch the sun rise and set over the ocean at my leisure. The ocean has always been my sanctuary and sacred healing space. There’s nothing more calming than watching the glistening of sunlight over gentle waves of the ocean breaking onto the sands. The ambience of the sound and fresh breeze is just perfection.

I am a big freedom seeker, a dog mama of 2 and a world wanderer. I’ve connected with so many people over the globe and I look forward to more travels and connections in the coming months. I am currently working on regional visits around the state so keep watch of where I may be; I might just be in your Neighborhood!

I’m also a Distributor for one of the largest global Water Ionizer companies, Enagic; if your interested in any products please dm me to find out more.

I invite you into my world so please Check out my next slide for more info on what I do and/or reach out to chat more!

Let’s see what we can create together!

Big mob love,
Son x ❤️

Contact Me

You can either slide into my DM’s on IG or send me an email. Looking forward to connecting with you!