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Hello and Welcome!

I am Sonia Marie; I am a freedom seeker, world wanderer and dog mama destined for boundless opportunities.

I am creating my very own lifestyle to financial & freedom independence and I invite other freedom seekers to join me.

I am the optimistic soul who dreams big and stops at nothing to bring those dreams, aspirations and ideas to life. I have always believed if there is a will there is always a way!

I thrive off natural landscapes especially coastal areas where I can sit and breathe in the ocean. Water is my sanctuary and my sacred healing space and its no wonder I’ve chosen water to be the element that brings in abundance, freedom and the financial independence I’ve been dreaming of.

Besides my two beautiful fury compadres (you can see them in the next slide) I absolutely love traveling the world and meeting new people. I have most definitely made exquisite soul connections from afar places having many a memorable experience that I will forever cherish. But we can all agree Covid has put a pause on the traveling and has done for sometime. However with great thanks to technology we are still able to make connections and build community online which has allowed me to still meet incredible people and create the lifestyle I’ve been bursting at the seams to create.

If your curious about how I am creating this freedom lifestyle and you want in on this big adventure with me, then I invite you into my world. Check out my next slide for more info and/or reach out to chat more!

Let’s see what we can create together!

Big mob love,
Son x ❤️