Coastal Wood Designs

Hi! My name is Helen, owner and operator of Coastal Wood Designs. Born and raised on the Coastside.

In 2017, during my senior year of high school, I began experimenting with wood burning. The initial idea was to create gifts for friends and family. Shortly after practicing on scraps of wood in my yard, I realized that I could spread smiles through my wood art outside of my circle. And so, I created Coastal Wood Designs. Thanks to the immense support around me, this business has gone farther than I could’ve ever dreamed.

What does Coastal Wood Designs do?

I create custom wood burned art on all shapes and sizes of wood. Acrylic paint, watercolor, watercolor pencils, sea glass, driftwood and more can be added to enhance the art.

Over the past four years, I’ve burned countless pieces for every occasion that can be though of: weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, “just for fun” gifts, memorials, and so on.

Wood Surfaces


All wood surfaces I burn on have Mother Earth in mind. The wood I purchase is made in the USA and it‘s always sustainably sourced.

I commonly burn on birchwood and basswood rounds, ovals, and rectangles that vary in size from 3”- 25”. In addition, I’ve burned on spoons, trivets, serving trays, wine boxes, cutting boards, fun shaped wood cutouts, and earrings.

I’ve even worked on a 100 year old farming tool.

I’ve been partnering with a local wood miller for new, unique, sustainably sourced, repurposed wood surfaces. He commonly provides redwood, black acacia, and cypress. He gives me the wood he is unable to use for larger projects. These pieces would otherwise be thrown away. I love being able to save them and turn them into something magical. I am extremely grateful Doris generosity.

To sum it up: If the object is wood, I can burn on it.

Wooden Earrings

Lightweight + Unique

Wood burned earrings are available in various shapes, sizes, and patterns. Message me for details.


During the month of August 2020, Northern California went through a series of massive forest fires. My community was directly affected by the CZU August Fire Complex. I felt like I needed to do something but didn’t have the equipment to help. I decided to create these pieces below with an image from the cover of our state anthem. I donated proceeds to the American Red Cross Northern California Coastal Region providing wildfire relief and raised almost $800 through my art!


for the coastside

During this pandemic, Coastal Wood Designs is continuing to make art.

I wanted to find a way to give back to my community. I decided to make sea glass jewelry and donate 15% of profits to Coastside Hope. Coastside Hope is a nonprofit that helped create the “Coastside Crisis Fund”, a fund focused on coastal families in dire need during the pandemic.

Why sell sea glass to fundraise instead of wood art? I chose sea glass because of it’s symbolism. Sea glass is fragile and thrown into the rough tides of the ocean. It is not broken but molded into something more beautiful than before.


Official merchandise of Coastal Wood Designs

Click the link to rock some classic, unique graphics that represent CWD.

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