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Hey everyone I'm a content creator , I love to box . You can contact me for anything and everything relating to Episode stories.
My first ever story on episode is the Painkiller which is soon to be out on Wattpad as well so stay tuned!!!
And this wonderful art of my character was made by @_artemis_epixode . So please follow her on Insta, she's just amazing🤩 ✤
Here's my epi link-

With love COC❤

For my followers

Here you can learn how to earn reads and start coding your story!

How should you start your story?

1) Firstly, develop a good content, jot down the plots.
2) Secondly, choose what you want to convey through a single chapter.
3) Create characters and make sure they serve a good part at your story. 'Cause useless characters just results in extra crowed and nothing more!!
4)All your chapters should not conation lines of coding less than 3k-4k lines without templates.
5) Don't make your chapters too short or too long and keep it in y' mind that scenes with long dialogues are not preferred by everyone, include animations as well.
Nobody likes chapters which don't serve any purpose or are content less and longer chapters as well sometimes kill the vibe of reading.
Just make sure you are writing accordingly.
6) There are certain things which can be conveyed even without showing
Such as passing of glass, bottle, moving in or out of a scene repeatedly and etc.
Not doing this will save your time and keep your energy boosted for more codings ;))
7) People say that visuals don't matter much but tbh it's your coding skills which attracts readers on episode else everyone has content but how many of them are able to portray it as they really want their readers to visualize them as?
8) Take time and code it accurately don't be in a rush!!
9) Episode is a world wide platform and accessed by many non-native English speakers so keep your language approachable and easy to understand. :)
Last but not the least I would love to thanks
@episode_melody for this wonderful chibi art of my character

How to increase readers?

Apart from having a mind boggling content. You may as well follow this steps if you are starting new on episode:
1) send the link of your story to all your followers.
2) Ask them to promote it for the same if they have a story as well. Don't force anybody tho!!
3) Keep it in mind that what ever your personal life nature is but no message on your account should be left seen because it does a lot in making bonds with your readers.
4) Ask them to re-read your stories from start this helps a lot in adding up reads and you do the same as well if there are other devices around you.
5) There are some groups in the community / Instagram/ Episode Forum where they do shoutouts for new author.
Promote your story to as many as such groups you find!

You can always send them to me as well, I would love to read the stories of y'all !!

RUSH and StArT Your FIRST Coding

For any kind of help you can always fill in my google form and ping me on Instagram
Thank You, for your patience!!

For my followers:


1) Don't use vulgar language directly, censor them with " * "
Some of the words that doesn't need censors on episode are:
2) Don't use any other 3rd party apps name such as Google, Net Flix etc.
As on having a read above 100 episode might ban you from rankings as they stand against their guidelines .
3) sometimes episode review your backgrounds and props but later on after a read above 100 they may recheck it and ask you to change it and may as well ban you.
So take your backgrounds and overlays from a reliable source or let some artist draw it.
4) You can not over highlight any ongoing political issue on episode.
5) Nudity, covers with guns/ weapons or direct indication of sex content are strictly forbidden by episode :))
<according to the guidelines>>
6) You can not suppress , hurt the esteem of any community, writer or other public figures directly on your story.
<directly> is the key word tho ;)
7) You can not have big water marks on your art scenes/ covers but of a moderate size is allowed.
8) Any scene which includes fight or destruction should be a choice to watch or else episode might not approve your story.
Readers Discretion is necessary!!!
And last but not the least I would like to thank my sis @infires for this wonderful art of my character please follow her on Instagram if you ain't already:))

Thanks To All Who Made it Up Till Here

U guys are my charms ಥ‿ಥ.... Love you all. And specially @rriz on Insta to make such a wonderful Character art of mines thank you, please check out her page too ✤♡