About Us

Coco Dog Collar's was born in early 2019, the idea started because our (Tad bit spoiled...) Doggy, Coco, refused to go on a walk without wearing her new dress! And Coco loves going for walks!

The above photo was taken on this exact day 💕

We were so shocked by her reaction, and even though we ended up going on the walk after placing a harness on top of Coco's dress, we knew Coco wasn't as comfortable as she could be...

We shopped around for a long time, but our Coco didn't like the look, feel, or quality of anything we bought for her.

Eventually Coco lost her patience, and decided to take things into her own paws!

And thus Coco Dog Collar's was born 🐾

At Coco Dog Collars, we strive to provide high-quality, safe, and comfortable Dog Dress+ Harnesses hybrid apparel that even our picky Coco will wear happily.

We welcome you to join our #CTL family, and look forward to connecting with you all!

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Our Baby Coco

14 Year Old Shih Tzu from Ontario Canada

Coco is a truly one of a kind dog, and she has a one of a kind loving personality as well 💕 She has developed quite the sassy personality in her old age however 😂♥️

Ever since we adopted her as a baby in 2007, Coco has continuously impressed us with her human-like personality and intelligence. And also with her keen fashion sense!

She almost never caused a mess indoors from the first day we adopted her, and didn't really need much training at all.

She is such a well mannered, quiet, and caring Doggy. Coco is at her happiest when surrounded by her family napping on the sofa, and when hiking at a new location with her favourite dress on 👗

Despite her 14 year age, she is one of the most active dogs we know! We have 3 dogs now 🐶🐶🐶 (Coco was our first), and whenever we go hiking Coco is always the last to get tired, if she gets tired at all...

Her caring, kind, loving, and active personality are the reasons why we decided to have our Coco as the face of our Dog Apparel business 💼 Coco truly embodies everything we want this brand to be and we can't wait to see what the future holds♥️

Learn more about Coco and our Family by following our personal Instagram: @CocoTeddyLola